Healthful nutrition milk powder and production method

Healthful nutrition milk powder and production method

  • CN 1,065,411 C
  • Filed: 06/18/1995
  • Issued: 05/09/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/18/1995
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. health nutrient milk powder, per 100 grams of this milk powder contain:

  • Vit?A 1500-2500iu Vit?B 2?0.

    5-1mg Vit?B 2?0.


    2mg?Vit?B 6?0.

    5-1mg Vit?C 40-60mg Vit?D?350-400iuNicotinic acid 4-6mg Vit E 5-10mgFolic acid 40-50 mcg pantothenic acid 2-4mgVit B 1210-12 microgram choline 30-40mg Biotin 10-20 microgram inositol 40-60 microgramTaurine 40-60mg Vit K 1The 30-40 microgram Polyunsaturated fatty acid;

    50-500mgSodium 250-290mg potassium 800-950mgCalcium 250-500mg phosphorus 125-400mgChlorine 275-750mg magnesium 30-80mgIron 6-10mg zinc 5-7mgCopper 0.4-0.5mg manganese 20-30 microgramIodine 25-30 microgramIt is maltodextrin that protein 14-18g total reducing sugar 50-56g has halfFat 24-30g is linoleic acid 3-4g whereinAsh content 3.5-4g moisture 2.0-2.5gIt is characterized in that this health nutrient milk powder also contains;

    Alanyl-l-Gln or glycyl-l-Gln 2-5 gramFabaceous Lecithin 5-20 gram genitein 0.1-0.5 gramBiao Er theine hydrochlorate 0.1-0.3 gram POT compound additive 0.2-0.4 gramJervic acid alcohol 0.1-0.5 gram quercetin 0.03-0.2 gramTea Polyphenols 0.02 gram-0.2 gram

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