Service testing method and equipment of the core network, testing equipment

Service testing method and equipment of the core network, testing equipment

  • CN 106,550,385 A
  • Filed: 09/10/2009
  • Published: 03/29/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/10/2009
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a kind of service testing method, it is characterised in that include:

  • By detecting to current business, core net CN node determines that the current business does not meet the first preset rules, instituteState the behavior that the first preset rules define machine type communication MTC terminal;

    The CN nodes carry out function restriction to the MTC terminal using the current business, or, send to network node and point outInformation, the information are used to point out the MTC terminal exception occur;

    Wherein, first preset rules include:

    Form restriction rule, time restriction rule, region limits rule, business are limitedRule, sender'"'"'s restriction rule, recipient'"'"'s restriction rule, connection restriction rule, UMTS subscriber identity moduleIt is regular and low that integrated circuit card UICC/MTC apparatus bounds are regular, pure chain of command is regular, pure equipment initiates regular, pure equipment terminationAt least one of data user rate rule;

    The form restriction rule defines the data form of the MTC terminal transmission;

    The time restriction rule defines instituteState the time of MTC terminal described in MTC terminal access network or network side paging;

    The region limits rule defines the MTCThe regional extent of terminal movement;

    The business restriction rule defines the business that the MTC terminal is used;

    The sender limitsRule defines the sender that data are sent to the MTC terminal;

    Recipient'"'"'s restriction rule defines the MTC terminal and sends outSend the recipient of data;

    The connection restriction rule defines the connection of the MTC terminal and network or other-end;

    It is describedUICC/MTC apparatus bound rules define the binding relationship of the MTC device and the UICC;

    The pure chain of command rule ruleThe application for having determined the MTC terminal is carried using chain of command;

    The pure equipment initiation rule is definedInitiate to access;

    The pure equipment termination rule is defined;

    The low data user rateRule defines the data that the MTC terminal receives and dispatches small data quantity.

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