Automobile water flooding prevention device

Automobile water flooding prevention device

  • CN 106,627,073 B
  • Filed: 11/24/2016
  • Issued: 09/14/2021
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/24/2016
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. The utility model provides a car protection device that floods which characterized in that:

  • the water-saving device comprises a sealing cover body (1) which can be opened and closed, wherein a drainage component (2) is arranged in the sealing cover body (1), and the drainage component (2) can control the air pressure in the sealing cover body (1) and keep the liquid level in the sealing cover body (1);

    the sealing cover body (1) is of a ball horse land crust structure integrally and comprises a plurality of arc plates (1.1) with the radiuses reduced in sequence, two ends of each arc plate (1.1) are connected through a rotating shaft (1.2), a sealing structure (1.3) is arranged between the arc plates (1.1), and the arc plates at two ends of the sealing cover body (1) are in contact with the ground to seal an automobile;

    the sealing structure (1.3) comprises a pair of groove structures (1.31) with opposite openings and capable of mutually hooking each other, the pair of groove structures are respectively arranged at the edges of two arc plates (1.1) to be sealed, sealing magnetic stripes (1.32) are arranged in grooves of the groove structures (1.31), and the sealing magnetic stripes (1.32) are adhered in the grooves of the groove structures (1.31) through adhesives;

    the motor is characterized by further comprising a motor (3), an output shaft of the motor (3) is connected with a rotating shaft (1.2), and the rotating shaft (1.2) is connected with the arc-shaped plate (1.1) with the smallest radius through a pin shaft;

    the drainage assembly (2) comprises a gas cylinder (2.1), a gas control valve (2.2) is arranged at the opening of the gas cylinder (2.1), the gas control valve (2.2) is connected with a control circuit (2.3), an electromagnetic switch (2.4) is arranged on the control circuit (2.3), and a water level synchronous gas column (2.5) used for controlling the closing of the electromagnetic switch (2.4) is arranged at the position of the electromagnetic switch (2.4) in a matching manner.

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