Automatic conveying and destacking system of packaging bags

Automatic conveying and destacking system of packaging bags

  • CN 106,628,919 A
  • Filed: 10/10/2016
  • Published: 05/10/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/10/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a kind of automatic transport of packaging bag, destacking system, by automatic transport detecting system, overturn discharge system, collection traySystem is constituted;

  • Characterized in that, the automatic transport detecting system includes that the chain scraper conveyor of adjacent setting, high intensity adjust gearSide, superelevation ultra-wide detection means, Conveyor, 90 °

    of upset belt conveyors, climbing belt conveyers, the carrier bar conveyingMachine is provided with pallet transverse positioning mechanism, described Conveyor be provided with pallet vertical location device, pallet fixed mechanism,Pallet lateral conveyor structure;

    Described upset discharge system includes the hydraulic pressure upset lifting body of adjacent setting;

    Described palletCollection system includes that the chain scraper conveyor of adjacent setting, empty pallet collect machine, and it is fixed that described empty pallet collection machine is provided with palletPosition mechanism, hydraulic climbing mechanism;

    Described chain scraper conveyor, often saves and send chain with L-type fixed plate, have fixation in fixed plateHole, rectangular tube is by fixing hole using being bolted on chain;

    The high intensity adjusts rib, is installed using bolt on ribFixed block, is welded with regulating bolt on fixed block, rib is being fixed on column by regulating bolt, is being adjusted by regulating boltRib position;

    The superelevation ultra-wide detection means, has adjustment hole, the fixed section bar of superelevation ultra-wide detection means on high intensity ribBy be bolted directly to high intensity adjust rib on, by adjustment hole directly adjust superelevation ultra-wide detection means width,The setting of height;

    The pallet fixed mechanism, by the stretching of cylinder, contracting action, promotes tooth bar to do linearly operating, and drive is fixed onPinion rotation in rotary shaft, rotary shaft two ends are fixed using connecting base bearing, have stationary jaw in rotary shaft, and rotary shaft is rotatedWhen, stationary jaw rotation in 90 °

    , for fixing or decontroling pallet;

    The lateral ejecting mechanism of the pallet, lateral chain are installedIn the vacant position in the centre of two rollers, 2 L-type plates, when lateral chain works, side are housed on lateral chain per barTo empty pallet is promoted, pallet is made to be transported in pallet collecting device;

    The hydraulic pressure overturns lifting body, be by Conveyor with90 °

    of upset belt conveyors are fixed on L-type framework, by the hydraulic cylinder works in hydraulic system, promote L-type framework around rotationPoint does 90 °

    of rotations.

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