Preparation method of para-aramid paper honeycomb core

Preparation method of para-aramid paper honeycomb core

  • CN 106,696,360 A
  • Filed: 12/15/2016
  • Published: 05/24/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/15/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a kind of preparation method of p-aramid fiber paper honeycomb core material, it is characterised in that carry out gluing successively using p-aramid paperCompacting, drawing and setting, impregnation solidification and piece cut four step handling process of processing, are prepared as follows and form:

  • 1) gluing compacting:

    Equidistantly applied on the surface of p-aramid paper and stamp phenol aldehyde modified epoxy resin core bar glue, then will be manyP-aramid paper staggered floor overlapping after layer gluing, finally utilizes hot press or autoclave hot pressing, system by the curing process of core bar glueThe folded block plate of honeycomb is obtained, then heat pressing process solidifies 3-12h, hot pressing to preheat 15-90min at 45-135 DEG C at 135-230 DEG CPressure is 0.15-0.8MPa;

    2) drawing and setting:

    Honeycomb lamination is stretched, after honeycomb cell reaches the size of technological requirement, by honeycomb after stretchingBe fixed in frock and be put into baking oven and shape, during heat treatment, first at 60-120 DEG C to stretching after honeycomb carry outWater removal 20-90min, then at 135-300 DEG C, insulation 10min-60min is obtained non-impregnation honeycomb block to control temperature;

    3) impregnation solidification:

    Non- impregnation honeycomb block is carried out into impregnation solidify afterwards in impregnating resin, p-aramid paper honeycomb block is obtained,The impregnating resin includes phenolic resin and organic solvent, and the quality of phenolic resin is the 15%-60% for impregnating glue gross mass,Impregnation number of times is 1-6 times, after each impregnation, 15-60min is processed in 50-85 DEG C of baking oven, then the precuring at 90-145 DEG C10-45min, after last time impregnation, 60-240min is solidified at 150-200 DEG C.4) piece cuts processing:

    Using the band saw of diamond material and high-power servomotor, cut on machine to honeycomb in cell-specific pieceCarry out piece to cut, piece cuts machine table top pace and is controlled to 40 ±

    25mm/min, band sawline speed is 5000 ±


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