A kind of preparation method of lithium ion battery negative material-cobalt-based composite

A kind of preparation method of lithium ion battery negative material-cobalt-based composite

  • CN 106,784,709 A
  • Filed: 12/28/2016
  • Published: 05/31/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/28/2016
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1. the preparation method of a kind of lithium ion battery negative material-cobalt-based composite, it is characterised in that:

  • Step is as follows:



    In pure Co3O4Typical case synthesis in, by the CoCl of 1.1g2·

    6H2The urea of O and 6g is dissolved in100mL mixed solvent (deionized waters:

    Ethylene glycol=1:

    1), strong agitation 1 hour;

    Above-mentioned solution is transferred to 100mL polytetrafluorosIn the stainless steel autoclave of ethene liner, and heated 10 hours at 110 DEG C using homogeneous reactor;

    At room temperature, by fromThe heart collects pink precipitate, and is washed several times with ethanol;

    After 12 hours, the presoma that will be prepared is in horse for desciccate at 60 DEG CNot calcined 3 hours with 2 DEG C/min of the rate of heat addition at 700 DEG C in stove;

    (2), the preparation of graphene oxide:

    Graphene oxide is prepared by improved Hummers methods.First, will under ice bath2.0g graphite powders are poured into the 200mL concentrated sulfuric acids;

    After 20 minutes, 10g KMnO are slowly added to4, continue to stir 3 hours, obtain dark greenColor solution;

    By mixture at 35 DEG C agitating heating 2 hours, after the completion of reaction, heat the mixture to 80 DEG C.Then, slowly200mL deionized waters are added, until dark green solution gradually becomes brown;

    After reaction is continued 30 minutes, by it at 95 DEG CLower heating 30 minutes;

    Then reaction is cooled to room temperature, is subsequently added substantial amounts of deionized water and H2O2

    Use 5% hydrochloric acid solutionCentrifuge washing mixture, until there is no sulfate radical;

    By dialysing with freeze-drying to obtain rufous graphene oxide film.(3)、

    CoO/Co3O4The preparation of/graphene composite material:

    During typical, 0.1g graphene oxides are completely dissolvedForming solution A in 50mL deionized waters;

    Then, by ultrasonic disperse by 0.1g Co3O4Powder is dissolved in 50mL deionizationsForming solution B in water;

    Then, solution B is added in solution A, is stirred at room temperature 30 minutes;

    Done using freeze-dryingDry sample;

    Sample is in tube furnace in N2Further it is carbonized 3 hours at 400 DEG C in atmosphere, the rate of heat addition is 5 DEG C of min-1

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