Heat transfer method and heat transfer system based on hot-pressing conversion effect

Heat transfer method and heat transfer system based on hot-pressing conversion effect

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  • Filed: 01/25/2017
  • Issued: 07/27/2021
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/25/2017
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1. A heat transfer method based on a hot-pressing conversion effect is characterized by comprising the following steps:

  • step 1, providing a heat transfer system, wherein the heat transfer system is provided with a heating end and a cooling end, the heating end and the cooling end are communicated through at least two connecting channels, the heating end, the cooling end and the connecting channels are all rigid parts and form a closed circulation loop together, and the heating end or the cooling end is made into any one of a serpentine tubular form, a tube row form and a plate-shaped channel form;

    step 2, determining a working temperature interval T, selecting a heat-conducting working medium according to the working temperature interval T, and enabling the change of the working medium pressure P corresponding to the heat-conducting working medium in the working temperature interval to meet the following requirements;

    and the heat conducting working medium is in a gas-liquid two-phase coexistence state in the temperature interval T;

    and 3, filling the heat-conducting working medium into the closed circulation loop, wherein the mass of the filled heat-conducting working medium is represented by a formula m ═


    g(V-V1) Determining, wherein m is the filling mass of the heat-conducting working medium, and the unit is kg,T1taking the average value of the highest temperature and the lowest temperature of the working temperature interval T as the working temperature when the filling quality is calculated1In degrees C, V is the total volume of the closed circulation loop in m3

    V1Is said working temperature T1Lower, liquid volume, V, of heat-conducting working medium in the closed circulation loop1Is selected as V1(91-99%) V, unit is m3


    1To be at the working temperature T1The density of the time-saturated liquid working medium is kg/m3


    gTo be at the working temperature T1Density of time-saturated gaseous working medium in kg/m3

    And 4, closely contacting the heating end with a heat source, contacting the cooling end with a cold source or radiating heat to the environment, wherein the liquid heat-conducting working medium at the heating end is heated to generate thermal expansion to form pressure waves, the pressure waves generate an extrusion effect on the liquid working medium to drive the liquid working medium to circularly flow, and the liquid working medium flows to the heating end after being radiated and then flows to the cooling end, and the hot-pressing conversion effect is continuously maintained by circulating the process.

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