Bus station's information display system based on nRF905 and WIFI

Bus station's information display system based on nRF905 and WIFI

  • CN 106,846,879 A
  • Filed: 03/18/2017
  • Published: 06/13/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/18/2017
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1. based on nRF905 and WIFI bus station'"'"'s information display system, it is characterized in that using bus by each station when it is upper and lowerCar patronage is different, and residence time when arriving at a station is different, and waiting time is different during the crossroad controlled by traffic lights, OKSail middle road conditions different, speed is different, the skill difference that driver uses causes the public affairs of simultaneously outbound same circuit or different circuitsHand over car gradually to pull open different distances and form signaling pathway, communicated using between bus in traveling, pass the information onTo front bus station;

  • The signal source of bus distance travelled is the kilometer sensor on speed changer or hub for vehicle wheel, mileometer sensingDevice output signal through level shifting circuit, low-pass filter circuit it is anti-interference after send into microcontroller ports, the vehicle-mounted control of busMileage between device processed preset each station, with position in being travelled;

    When bus communicates with bus station, if setting whenBetween in interval without bus arrival, when communicate with first bus for arriving at a station afterwards, transmission marking signal M, busActual arrive at a station mileage and the setting mileage calculation that arrives at a station that measures when arriving at a station that Vehicle Controller will indicate M arrives at a station mileage error, takes 5 timesThe mileage error amount that arrives at a station above, is left out by setting ratio number of times and is up to station error for several times, and remaining is averaged as compensationIt is worth for correcting measurement mileage, the time interval of the setting need to ensure while the bus for arriving at a station all leaves, and makes nextThe bus that arrives at a station is stopped to station location;

    Use radio communication between bus and between bus and bus station, radio communication by radio-frequency module, microcontroller andNonvolatile storage is constituted, and microcontroller selects C8051F330 chips, radio-frequency module to select nRF905, microcontrollerC8051F330 is communicated by its SPI interface with nRF905, and public transport car kilometer output signal is connected to I/O mouthfuls of C8051F330, byC8051F330 is stored in nonvolatile storage after reading, and the communication data of Vehicle Controller is also stored in nonvolatile storageIn;

    Each bus station constitutes bus arrival information query system, each public transport station control according to the station bus circuitAddress cycle sends detection signal, realizes that information is exchanged with bus station after the Vehicle Controller response of the bus of parking of arriving at a station,Arrived at a station simultaneously during to channel transmission answer signal with many buses of circuit, public transport station control will continuously receive several mistakesPacket or the intensity listened to after channel signals superposition transfinite, and illustrate that present channel is interfered, and at this moment, each bus presses itApart from S between parking spot and site location, by bus travel direction, since 6 meters of site location is exceeded forward, automatically according toEvery 6 meters of range incrementation numberings backward to 18-60 meters of point leaving from station, fall into described Serial Number Range by S values to number, bus stationController retransmits detection signal to the bus disturbing line that arrives at a station according to the number order, to failed if producing disturb againThe bus of communication, reduce it is described do not repeat to number again every 6 meters of values of scope, repeat said process to not producing interference,Its numbering fails to during the next stop;

    When the Vehicle Controller of public transport station control and the bus of parking of arriving at a station communicates, exchange each circuit bus and include the stationThe information of arriving at a station of the bus stood with previous 4-6, its information of arriving at a station is produced by each public transport station control, and packet of arriving at a station contains public transportLine Address and its arrival time and current time that station address, each circuit bus finally arrive at a station, and by our station travel directionUsed as the time period, communication channel sends detection signal to the 0.2-0.6 of running time average value needed for the next stop between coming distribution stationTime, on the basis of the current clock time that the time period is provided by this public transport station control, the time period distributed whenBetween do not overlap, the specific holding time length of time period is close by the driving vehicle in previous time period by our station to the next stopDegree determines that the time period is short for density big taking, and then selects a bus by our station and the next stop as principal communication public transportCar distributes a time period, selects next principal communication bus in the end time slightly before the time period, by thisContinue down, public transport station control sends arrive at a station information and car communication table to principal communication bus, when car communication table provides presetBetween in interval by the Line Address of each circuit bus of our station to the next stop, the numbering of the bus, reach our station whenBetween and the time period, the preset time interval determines by average running time between station, after principal communication bus leaves our station, pressedReach each bus of the our station time from as far as nearly order to car communication table and send detection signal, its response content includes public transportWith a distance from the next stop, the Vehicle Controller of principal communication bus receives each bus answer signal to the numbering and bus of carAfterwards, the bus nearest from the next stop is selected to be sent to the information of arriving at a station and car communication table, the Vehicle Controller of the bus is receivedUpdated after to the information of arriving at a station and car communication table and arrived at a station information, and continued in the time period not as principal communication bus by relayThe time being finished communicates as stated above, and the time period terminates, and principal communication bus is to switch to from communication bus;

    Principal communication bus is dynamically distributes, and remaining uses the station of agreement as from communication bus between our station and the next stopBetween communication channel, from communication bus travelled between station in be in reception state, 40 meters to 80 meters from the next stop of each busSetpoint distance when, bus and bus sign off, prepare the communication with next bus station, the information of arriving at a station between the stationOnly record per the road last arrival time of bus, record content before leaving out, the interior communication channel is according to its communication overlayScope sets the different interior communication channels of neighbor stations, prevents co-channel interference;

    When between Liang Ge bus stations distance more than 700 meters, or the bus of traveling is less when cannot realize communicating between bus,Controller sets serial ports Wi-Fi module between bus station, soft in server monitoring by router AP wireless access InternetsPart control is lower to complete information exchange between bus station, and in bus travel direction, public transport is arrived in the bus station'"'"'s timing being located behindInformation of standing through Internet pass to front bus station, serial ports Wi-Fi module from RN171 by UART interface directly with public affairsThe microcontroller between standing in controller is handed over to be connected, it is also possible to select other Wi-Fi modules, RN171 modules and public transport station controlAs long as when middle microcontroller is connected by the power supply of RN171 modules, and TX and RX pin be connected with microcontroller, wherein TX withRX connects for intersection, the information of arriving at a station so sent by nRF905 radio-frequency modules, by the serial ports Wi- in controller between bus stationThe information of arriving at a station is sent to wireless router AP through Internet to server by Fi modules;

    The error correction of timing time transmits timing time using standard timing module, and meter is corrected for each bus station and each busWhen the time, when it is by specifying bus to carry standard timing module and communicated with each bus station on the way, Shi Ge bus stations and each public transportCar obtains time base.

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