Tibet region lyme grass method for cultivating seeds

Tibet region lyme grass method for cultivating seeds

  • CN 106,856,972 A
  • Filed: 04/14/2017
  • Published: 06/20/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/14/2017
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1. Tibet region lyme grass method for cultivating seeds, it is characterised in that comprise the following steps:

  • (1) Fruit varietyThe strong kind of lyme grass Fruit variety high yield, high-quality, annidation;

    (2) selection of land, site preparationSelection preservation capacity of water and fertility is strong, irrigation and drainage are convenient, the preferable plot of clay fertilizer condition;

    Before sowing, plot is carried out to plough stubble-cleaning, it is poorLean soil need to be ploughed with reference to soil and apply appropriate barnyard manure;

    (3) seeding methodLyme grass seed-breeding field carries out drilling using mode of unicast, using 30 centimetres of line-spacings, 1~2 centimetre of depth of planting;

    (4) application rateDepending on the application rate of lyme grass is according to local climate and seed quality;

    (5) sowing timeSowing time in spring Mo, summer, Qiu Chujun can;

    (6) urea is imposedThe lyme grass meadow jointing stage top application urea of Productivity;

    (7) potassium nitrate is sprayedProductivity and later lyme grass meadow spray potassium nitrate in booting-florescence;

    After the time for spraying is 11 points of sunny calm weather, when morning dew is larger, should be less or without dew when dewSprayed during water;

    If after the same day sprays, afternoon or evening rain, should be in second day repeat spraying once;

    The standard for spraying is:

    SprayWet leaves face, top layer blade face and lower floor blade face spray uniformly, spray 1-2 times;

    (8) field managementIrrigate:

    Irrigation should be carried out before the lyme grass bud differentiation stage, without irrigating after dough stage;

    Weed control:

    After lyme grass emerges, management of weeds is carried out;

    The prevention and control of plant diseases, pest control:

    The method of disease pest control of weeds according to " putting prevention first, integrated control " policy, various technical measuresOrganically combine;

    (9) seed is harvestedSowing should be carried out when full field fruit ear 60% turns yellow, and sowing herbage toothing is at 5~7 centimetres;

    Seed harvest time is because of productPlant and height above sea level the change of divergence is larger, be positioned in plot in strip after cradling fertile tillers, be dried with Exposure to Sunlight aeration drying, itsAfter be positioned in airing field ted, threshing, drying;

    The awns of seed, suede are removed using bearder;

    Lyme grass seed cleaned, dried, pack after be put in storage.

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