The dark riveting assembling process of goldleaf dome

The dark riveting assembling process of goldleaf dome

  • CN 106,939,665 A
  • Filed: 03/21/2017
  • Published: 07/11/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/21/2017
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a kind of dark riveting assembling process of goldleaf dome, it is characterised in that comprise the following steps:

  • 1) keel installation:

    The keel include steel construction main body, steel angle hitch and reinforcement;

    First by steel angle hitch welded steel structure masterOn body, and weld on steel angle hitch reinforcement;

    2) purlin is installed:

    Purlin is welded on to the end of the steel angle hitch of a pair of keel arranged side by side;

    3) galvanized steel plain sheet is installed:

    Galvanized steel plain sheet with several the first mounting holes is arranged on steel construction main body upper end face,First mounting hole is realized through steel angle hitch and fixed;

    4) sound-absorbing mineral wool is installed:

    Sound-absorbing mineral wool with several the second mounting holes is arranged on galvanized steel plain sheet upper end tableFace, second mounting hole is realized through steel angle hitch and fixed;

    5) polyurethane waterproof heat-preservation layer is installed:

    Polyurethane waterproof thermal insulation board is laid between purlin successively from top to bottom, installedWhen operator take hang safety rope mode carry out operation, safety rope is tied up in dome steel structure main platform body, and purlin makeWalked for fulcrum support operating personnel;

    6) self-closing adhesive waterproof coil paving:

    Self-closing adhesive waterproof coil is laid on into polyurethane on sliding operating platform to preventWater warming plate outer surface;

    7) zinc-plated profiled sheet is installed:

    Laying is connected using undercut successively from the bottom up from dome bottom during installation, and uses rivetIt is fixed on purlin;

    8) ventilation noise reduction silk screen is installed:

    Ventilation noise reduction silk screen is installed into zinc-plated profiled sheet outer surface;

    9) screed-coat is installed:

    Screed-coat and stainless steel buckle are fixed on zinc-plated profiled sheet in the lump;

    The stainless steel buckle includesBuckle end and fixing end;

    The fixing end is provided with several rivet holes;

    The stainless steel rivet passes through rivet hole by screed-coatIt is fixed on zinc-plated profiled sheet;

    The buckle end is provided with grab;

    Any two stainless steel buckle passes through the grab that is mutually clampedMutually dead realize of button is fixed;

    10) goldleaf panel is installed:

    Rhombus goldleaf panel is fixed on above screed-coat;

    On each side of the rhombus goldleaf panelProvided with stainless steel buckle;

    Install on the inside of rhombus goldleaf panel seamed edge at the buckle end of the stainless steel buckle;

    By on rhombus goldleaf panelStainless steel buckle is realized with the mutual buckle of stainless steel buckle on screed-coat is fixed on screed-coat upper surface by rhombus goldleaf panel;

    By twoIndividual adjacent goldleaf panel is realized by the mutual snapping of stainless steel buckle and fixed.

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