A kind of under-voltage reservoir-level well composite bridge plug quick drill miller skill and implementation

A kind of under-voltage reservoir-level well composite bridge plug quick drill miller skill and implementation

  • CN 106,939,778 A
  • Filed: 04/27/2017
  • Published: 07/11/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/27/2017
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1. a kind of under-voltage reservoir-level well composite bridge plug quick drill miller skill, it is characterised in that described under-voltage reservoir-level wellComposite bridge plug quick drill miller skill comprises the following steps:

  • The first step, boring milling equipment connection debugging, boring milling equipment includes junk mill, helicoid hydraulic motor, oil pipe and well-flushing pump truck, then passed throughWorkover rig, helicoid hydraulic motor is sling, and is then connected the screw front end of junk mill and helicoid hydraulic motor, by oil pipe and the spiral shell of helicoid hydraulic motorBar end is connected, and the screw coaxial distribution of junk mill, oil pipe and helicoid hydraulic motor, then connects helicoid hydraulic motor and flushing pump vehicle deviceConnect, and start well-flushing pump truck, small pump pressure drive screw drilling tool trial operation completes pass hull closure after trial operation;

    The equipment that the first step is connected is sent in pit shaft, and make brill by second step, boring milling equipment underground location using working rigObturator stops sending into operation to boring milling equipment after being hampered in milling equipment and well, then judge boring milling equipment to the position that is hamperedIt is whether consistent with bridging plug position, if with bridging plug position differ to when, be adjusted by Operation Van to boring milling position, until meetingHinder position and bridging plug position consistency position;

    If with bridging plug position consistency, milling tool string being bored first and will lift 0.3-1 meter of distanceAnd positioned, then start pump truck and drive junk mill to rotate by hydraulic-driven helicoid hydraulic motor, while with per minute 0.01-0.02 meter of speed at the uniform velocity drives boring milling equipment to go deep into well, while boring milling equipment is goed deep into drilling well, need to pay close attention to oilTubulose state and boring milling equipment operation suspending weight change, and when oil pipe rotates, then stop pump truck, stop completing boring milling equipmentAfterwards, boring milling equipment is carried out after reposition debugging, boring milling equipment is again started up operation untill bridging plug is unsealed completely;

    3rd step, acts boring milling equipment, completes second step operation, and ensures that the complete solution of bridging plug is honored as a queen, and will be bored using Operation VanMilling equipment from well go out, and junk mill is laid down;

    4th step, positions strong magnetic joint and oil pipe, completes after the 3rd step operation, is sling oil pipe by operation vehicle device, thenStrong magnetic joint is arranged on oil pipe front end, tool string and oil pipe are together steadily sent in well, wherein it is instantly deep arrive fromDuring 2-4 meters of depth in position that are hampered, start the operation of well-flushing pump truck, and well-flushing pump truck output is 0.5-1m3/min, when strong magnetic jointWith oil pipe when being obstructed during feeding, increase pump truck output is 1.5-3m3/min, and in the feeding velocity-stabilization feelings of holdingContinue under condition by strong magnetic and oil pipe into well under enter, be obstructed if still being advanced after increase well-flushing pump truck output, by strong magneticJoint and oil pipe from well go out, and return to the first step drilling well carried out to bore milling operation;

    5th step, under enter sand bucket, complete after the 4th step operation, strong magnetic joint and helicoid hydraulic motor laid down from oil pipe, soGauguste cutter, non-return valve, sand bucket and screen casing combination tool string are sequentially connected on oil pipe afterwards, and by tool string with per minute0.5-3 meters of speed is at the uniform velocity lowered into well, after gauguste cutter is substantially hampered, by tool string repeatedly on put to put and do pistonFormula is moved back and forth at least 5 times, and wherein pick up height is 6-10 meters, and lifting and dropping frequency are 1 time per minute, and keeps being somebody'"'"'s turn to doMotion state is until tool string reaches next bridging plug position tip position;

    6th step, rise tool string, complete the 5th step operation after, by tool string from well go out, then judge whether need pairBridging plug that 5th step is arrived at carries out boring milling operation, if need not, directly into drilling well under enter oil pipe, if desired carry outBore milling operation and then return to the first step.

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