Electronic device

Electronic device

  • CN 106,954,147 B
  • Filed: 03/02/2017
  • Issued: 12/22/2020
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/22/2017
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1. The electronic equipment is characterized by comprising a frame, a screen matched with the frame to form an accommodating space, and a vibration motor which is accommodated in the accommodating space and fixedly connected with the frame, wherein the vibration motor is used for driving the frame to vibrate and drive the screen to vibrate and produce sound, the vibration motor comprises a shell, a vibrator and a stator which are accommodated in the shell, and an elastic piece which suspends the vibrator in the shell, one of the vibrator and the stator comprises a magnetic circuit system, and the other of the vibrator and the stator comprises a coil, wherein the vibration motor vibrates along the direction which is perpendicular to the plane of the screen, and the vibration motor meets the following conditional expressions:

  • BL/R≥

    0.026wherein, B is the equivalent magnetic induction intensity of the magnetic circuit system, L is the total length of the coil, and R is the direct current resistance of the coil;

    the magnetic circuit system comprises a magnetic conduction piece, main magnetic steel fixed on the magnetic conduction piece, auxiliary magnetic steel attached to the magnetic conduction piece and arranged around the main magnetic steel, and an auxiliary pole core attached to the auxiliary magnetic steel, wherein the elastic piece is fixedly connected with the auxiliary pole core;

    the coil is fixed on the shell, the magnetic circuit system is suspended in the shell, and the elastic part comprises a first connecting part fixedly connected with the auxiliary pole core, a second connecting part fixedly connected with the shell and an elastic part connecting the first connecting part and the second connecting part;

    the first connection portion includes a connection body and a first protrusion portion extending and protruding from the connection body in a direction toward a center of the coil;

    the auxiliary pole core includes a pole core body and a second protruding portion protruding from the pole core body in a direction away from a center of the coil, and the first protruding portion and the second protruding portion at least partially overlap;

    the first protruding part is fixedly connected with the second protruding part.

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