• CN 107,049,104 A
  • Filed: 05/25/2017
  • Published: 08/18/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/25/2017
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a kind of soapbox, is made up of back box (1) and lid (4);

  • The back box (1) contains bottom plate (2), back box wall;

    The lid(4) top plate (4a), lid wall (4b) are contained;

    It is characterized in that:

    Multiple circular holes (2a) are uniformly distributed on the bottom plate (2) of back box (1) and a plurality of short transverse direction puts bar (2b), this is a plurality of to put barThe bottom surface of one of (2b) and the upper surface of the bottom plate (2) of relevant position, which are fastened, to be connected, and puts the soap in the back box (1) intoThis gold bar is shelved on to put on bar (2b);

    The back box wall of back box (1) is integral by vertical upper wall (3a), vertical waist wall (3b), vertical lower wall (3c) connection;

    On describedThe lower surface of wall (3a) and the upper surface of the waist wall (3b) are located in same level, the lower surface of the waist wall (3b) and instituteThe upper surface for stating lower wall (3c) is located in same level;

    The height of the upper wall (3a) is equal to the height of the lower wall (3c),But less than the height of the waist wall (3b), the height of lid (4) upper box cover wall (4b) is less than again;

    The upper wall (3a) and it is described underWall (3c) is inwardly indented same distance from the waist wall (3b);

    When lid (4) is opening down to be covered on the upper wall (3a) of back box (1), the outer surface and relevant position of the upper wall (3a)The lid (4) lid wall (4b) inner surface contact, and the exposed end face of the lid wall (4b) and the back box (1)The exposed upper surface contact of upper waist wall (3b);

    When lid (4) is opening up and the bottom plate of back box (1) (2) is overlayed in the opening of the lid (4), the back box(1) outer surface of lower wall (3c) is contacted with the inner surface of the lid wall (4b) of the lid (4) of relevant position, and the boxThe exposed end face of tegmental wall (4b) lower surface exposed with the back box (1) Shang Yaobi (3b) is contacted.

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