Calcium lactate-added micro-arc oxidation electrolyte system

Calcium lactate-added micro-arc oxidation electrolyte system

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  • Filed: 05/25/2017
  • Issued: 07/23/2021
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/25/2017
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1. A preparation method of a strontium-containing hydroxyapatite micro-arc oxidation coating on the surface of a magnesium alloy is characterized by comprising the following steps:

  • 1) the adopted matrix is self-cast Mg-2Sr alloy, and the method comprises the following specific steps;

    using atmosphere to protect SF6


    melting pure magnesium with the purity of 99.99 percent in a 200 resistance furnace and melting magnesium-strontium intermediate alloy Mg-21Sr with the purity of 99.99 percent;

    all raw materials and tools used for casting need to be preheated to 250 ℃


    when the temperature of the furnace rises to 500 ℃

    , putting the preheated pure magnesium ingot;

    completely melting pure magnesium at the furnace temperature of 700 ℃ and

    preserving heat for 20 min;

    adjusting the furnace temperature to 710 ℃

    , adding theoretical amount of Mg-Sr intermediate alloy Mg-21Sr, and keeping the temperature for 20 min;

    fully stirring the melt and pouring the melt into a preheated graphite mold;

    then carrying out homogenizing annealing on the poured Mg-2Sr alloy at 400 ℃

    for 16 hours;

    cutting the casting body into regular cube small blocks of 8mm multiplied by 10mm by using linear cutting equipment, and mechanically polishing the cube small blocks by coarse 360#, coarse 600#, fine 600# and fine 1000# abrasive paper;

    finally, cleaning the mixture by using acetone, deionized water and absolute ethyl alcohol and drying the mixture for later use;

    2) the calcium source used in the micro-arc oxidation experiment is calcium lactate Ca (C)3H5O3)2

    5H2The molar concentration of O and calcium ions is 0.006mol/L, and the mass concentration is 1.848 g/L;

    the remaining electrolyte composition and concentration are (NaPO)3)61.224g/L, i.e.;

    0.012 mol/L;

    KOH,5 g/L;

    NH (NH)4HF2,7g/L;

    C3H8O3And N (CH)2CH2OH)3The concentration is 5 ml/L;

    h2O2The concentration is 7 ml/L;

    the calcium-phosphorus ratio in the electrolyte system of the calcium salt is 1;


    the medicines used in the experiment are all analytically pure;

    in the micro-arc oxidation experiment process, a magnesium alloy sample is used as an anode, a stainless steel groove is used as a cathode, circulating cooling water is introduced to keep the temperature of an electrolyte below 50 ℃

    , a micro-arc oxidation power supply is adopted for supplying power, and the specific electrical parameters are as follows;

    positive voltage 450V, frequency 600Hz, negative voltage 20V, positive duty cycle 30%, negative duty cycle 20%, positive and negative pulsesRatio of numbers 1;

    1, time 10 min.

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