A kind of shared bicycle system for parking registration positioning

A kind of shared bicycle system for parking registration positioning

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  • Filed: 07/27/2017
  • Published: 09/26/2017
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1. a kind of shared bicycle system for parking registration positioning, is shared bicycle and locked using barcode scanning, mobile phone A PP enters shared bicycleAfter " using immediately " interface, the shared bicycle Quick Response Code barcode scanning of alignment, mobile phone sends unlocking instruction by bluetooth, and user can be manualUnlock, mobile phone A PP starts timing, it is characterized in that, registration, car locking switch motion note are needed in place when user arrives at car lockingLock state is recorded, user can settle accounts according to timing time;

  • Shared bicycle is parked after registration, and registered letter is transmitted by shared bicycleBreath, then total station control is sent to by communication station network;

    Communication station is communicated using Bluetooth gateway access interconnected network mode with total station control;

    Bluetooth gateway uses W5100 modules;

    Step onRemember microcontroller STC12C5A60S2 in controller by the interfaces of two SPI universal serial bus respectively with bluetooth module CC2541And the connection of W5100 modules, the request for setting up connection is sent to internet remote server;

    Before a connection is established, need firstW5100 registers are initialized;

    Under SPI serial bus modes, microcontroller STC12C5A60S2 is by sending oneSeries of instructions controls w5100 work;

    Realize the data transmission between each communication station and total station control;

    Communication station is set in bicycle diamond or registration controller or radio frequency communication station or infrared calling mechanism are installed, registration controlBluetooth module is housed in device;

    Bluetooth gateway and registration controller are included in communication station, shares and lock controller, car is housed in bicycleLock controller is equipped with single-chip microcomputer, nonvolatile storage, infrared transceiver device, bluetooth module and gsm module, and infrared transceiver device connectsIn the I/O mouths of single-chip microcomputer, the dual serial mouthful of single-chip microcomputer is directly connected with gsm module and bluetooth module respectively, infrared receiving/transmission dressThe infrared receiving/transmission being made up of infrared transmitting tube and infrared receiving tube and lens is included in putting to pop one'"'"'s head in;

    Shared bicycle during radio frequency communication station is used for the road roadside of the narrow walkway of inconvenience setting bicycle diamond to riding is exchangedInformation;

    Radio frequency communication station is provided with microcontroller, nonvolatile storage and bluetooth module, and the shared bicycle in riding enters incidenceDuring the frequency communication station Bluetooth signal area of coverage, shared bicycle bluetooth module is waken up access piconet, into the shared list of piconetCar carries out register information with radio frequency communication station successively and exchanged, and the shared bicycle bluetooth module after register information is exchanged is placed in dormancy shapeState;

    Communication station or registration controller are set in the bicycle diamond in the major trunk roads roadside of business district, the infrared receiving/transmission of bicycle is sharedDevice sets positioning to be popped one'"'"'s head in infrared receiving/transmission probe and relay with infrared receiving/transmission;

    Each registration controller infrared receiving/transmission alignment probe stopsThe positioning for putting a shared bicycle of position is popped one'"'"'s head in infrared receiving/transmission, and the infrared receiving/transmission probe of shared bicycle is removed and registration controllerIt is outer to penetrating, at the top of the rearview mirror bracket also loaded on handlebar or another a relay being used at the top of the vertical rod that identifies or decorate is filled with infraredThere is transmitting-receiving probe, relay infrared receiving/transmission probe unified setting height(from bottom) and position, to penetrating, accordingly to make left or right to bicycle or soMark, its signal launched is not stopped by other bicycles;

    In setting time after registration controller is started as far infrared transceiver of the main equipment on road daily, altogetherEnjoy bicycle and sequentially enter diamond and sequentially park and make relay numbering registration, arbitrarily park, can not register to settle accounts;

    It is described to connectPower numbering registration refers to register by the corresponding shared bicycle of the infrared receiving/transmission probe on road, the shared bicycle after registrationRelay is popped one'"'"'s head in infrared receiving/transmission when again successfully to register left or right is received, to the right or left unregistered shared bicycle is numberedRegistration, and registration and number information are transmitted, to the last can not be to next registration and numbering or to setting time, lastThe shared bicycle successfully registered and numbered labeled as relay car from resting state be waken up access main equipment in bluetooth module controlThe piconet of system, and main equipment will be wirelessly transmitted to by all registered and numbering the shared bicycle information delivered in relays,Relay car bluetooth module enters park mode completion relay numbering registration, the shared list as first registration and numbering after transmissionCar, hereafter carries out relay registration and numbering by registration controller to shared bicycle numbering;

    Relay is registered and numbering process:

    First toUnregistered shared bicycle is waken up access piconet after the Bluetooth signal area of coverage and car locking into registration controller, by registeringController sequentially distributes " new numbering " to each shared bicycle in piconet, for infrared relay registration, after the new numbering of distributionShared bicycle bluetooth module is to be placed in resting state, then, and registration controller is compiled to registered and numbering shared bicycle with itNumber realize that registration controller and the register information of shared bicycle bluetooth module serial communication exchange for address, and registration controllerAll new numberings are sent to all registered and numbering shared bicycle, are then address pair according to new numbering since relay carThe new shared bicycle of numbering sequentially makees infrared relay registration after scan transponding;

    The infrared relay registration refers to after infrared registrationShared bicycle again successfully to register when the left or right popped one'"'"'s head in infrared receiving/transmission of relay receive, to the right or left unregistered shared bicycleMake scan transponding registration, and transmit registration and number information, last shared bicycle registered by relay connects labeled as newPower car takes over former relay car, and is waken up access piconet from resting state, then by this it is all newly register and number it is sharedBicycle information is wirelessly transmitted to relay car bluetooth module after registration controller, transmission and stepped on into the infrared relay of park mode completionNote;

    Hereafter second batch and the multiple above-mentioned relay of each batch weight later are registered and numbered, and so go round and begin again continuous renewal register information;

    It is rightThe new numbering that can not complete to register and number shares bicycle, and its new numbering makes marks as " sequence number to be stepped on ";

    The registration and volumeNumber refer to the license number and the one-to-one corresponding of numbering of shared bicycle;

    Its LED is at regular intervals after each shared bicycle is successfully registeredIt is glittering once green;

    With the exception of this, the shared bicycle parked is after the personnel that are managed arrange shift position, it is necessary to believe registration controller bluetoothUnregistered shared bicycle is registered in number coverage, and registration controller is taken registers and number several batches of setting through relayBehind several intervals, the registration and numbering are expanded into sequence number to be stepped on;

    Extension registration and numbering:

    First in order of numbers is opened and stepped onThe infrared transceiver device of one shared bicycle of numbering of note, is numbered and serial number to be stepped on to sharing bicycle in diamond according to newLocation, sequentially makees infrared relay registration after scan transponding, after the completion of enter next registered numbering operation, stepped on until allThe numbering of note operates completion;

    Finally by success in the infrared relay registration of each registered numbering in extension registration and numberingThe shared bicycle of registration, cancels former relay car as new relay car and carries out relay registration and numbering;

    When shared bicycle and registration controller enter row information exchange, the registration controller of communication station receives the registration of each shared bicycleThe register information being each collected into is carried out information exchange by information, other registration controllers with each shared bicycle;

    Register information bagContaining the license number and its status of equipment of the shared bicycle that each registration controller for being collected into is registered in setting time section, using mouldFormula, user type and telephone number, enrollment time and registration controller coding;

    Register information is sent to registration control by shared bicycleAfter device processed will the register information delete, each registration controller is deleted the register information repeated and simultaneously passed by shared bicycle after arrangementPass, collect through communication station to total station control;

    Infrared transceiver device installation place is arrived first before the shared bicycle in wide vacant lot is parked to be registered and numbered, depending on installing infrared receiptsThe position of transmitting apparatus and the maximum distance of diamond, car locking in the setting time between 30 seconds to 90 seconds is controlled in by lock controllerThen register effective, infrared calling mechanism exchanges register information with shared bicycle during registration, infrared transceiver device is by single-chip microcomputer, non-easyLose memory and infrared transceiver device is constituted;

    Bicycle diamond in non-business district, daily first shared bicycle starts with being installed on the infrared calling mechanism in roadsideCarry out first shared bicycle being registered after relay numbering registration, setting time and be arranged to main equipment, carry out as stated aboveRelay is registered and numbering and extension registration and numbering, and its numbering of different main equipments makees different marks, based on the settingThe shared bicycle of equipment is unlocked when riding away, and registration and number information are sent to infrared calling mechanism and be re-set as from settingStandby, the shared bicycle that the next infrared transceiver device with being installed on roadside is registered and numbered receives infrared transceiver deviceAfter registration and number information, it is set to main equipment and continues relay registration and number;

    In all front doors of school or residential area, the registration controller of identical numbering is set, it is automatic by its bluetooth module piconetTo the shared bicycle registration that comes in and goes out, represented to come in and go out with the odevity of log-on count, it into even number is that odd number, which is, and fashionable shared bicycle willRegister information sends registration controller to, and registration controller sends register information to shared bicycle when going out;

    Or take in residentThe bicycle diamond of Intra-cell or other sheltered situations is installed by probe;

    Shared bicycle user is divided into VIP user and casual user;

    Pass by one'"'"'s way pedestrian, voluntary labor service is casual user;

    VIP user is through pipeThe real name registration of reason department is unlocked and settled accounts using mobile phone A PP;

    Shared bicycle is ridden arrive at after will dock nearBicycle diamond simultaneously carries out car locking registration checkout, and checkout is refused without registration car locking;

    VIP user can select " self-insurance through mobile phone APPPipe " pattern, the temporary transient non-registration checkout in bicycle diamond is not parked in, the setting storage period is exceeded after car locking after arriving atWhat is started parks timing, and the bicycle duty of super intendence is undertaken by the user, and bicycle LED is glittering at regular intervals once red,Allow to lock and forbid other people to use, when the VIP user unlocks again to ride, park timing time according to it and collect certain rentGold;

    It is not park bicycle diamond non-from storage modes user, then car locking refuses checkout, it is desirable to when settling accounts, mobile phone A PP promptingsOtherwise the user correctly parks undertakes bicycle custodial responsibility and fine, such as continues to park after setting time, mobile phone A PP through short message toTotal station control alarm is put on record;

    Shared bicycle system takes user to pull together condominium method;

    Car plate below each shared bicycle vehicle seat indicates the car plate of the carNumber and total station control telephone number, casual user is with the total station control telephone number end extra bus trade mark of mobile phone dialing, master stationController, which receives license plate number and sent short message to shared bicycle lock controller using special telephone number by GSM and unlocked, to be referred toOrder, lock controller is to unlock to unregistered car or disabled vehicle, and at this moment casual user can pull open lock manually and use, lock controlDevice processed starts timing, and lock is shut manually after arriving at registration, and at this moment car locking action is transferred to car locking switch through springNormally open contact is allowed to closure prompting car locking, and lock controller sends short message, total station control root by GSM to total station controlReward Time Calculation expense is deducted according to use state, clearing short message is sent to casual user, its expense is paid by telephone charge, unusedReward bulk registration;

    Shared bicycle is equipped with the mercoid switch group being made up of the mercoid switch of several different installment states, ifCasual user is not to ride but portable arrival registration destination registration, and lock controller is according to equipment of itself fault detect and waterSilver-colored switches set on off state changing rule judges whether shared bicycle damages or ride, and carries out to telephone number casual user'"'"'sReward;

    Car changes fierce with non-registration mercoid switch group on off state is shut when removing car steathily, shares the various forms of motions of bicycleMercoid switch group on off state changing rule under state draws by testing, in case of stolen car lock controller through GSM message to totalStation control alarm is put on record, and checking in case by GSM nets dispatches a car general orientation, or send cruiser to the several registration controls in periphery of crime groundDevice sends inspection request, discovers and seizes case and dispatches a car movement locus, several periphery registration controller timesharing are dispatched a car with case to communicate, according to receptionThe bluetooth signal intensity positioning arrived, then by cruiser comprehensive assessment crime truck position, further dispatches a car according to case and movement locus and connectsThe case received dispatch a car bluetooth signal intensity positioning, most backward crime car through GSM message or Bluetooth signal send unlatching alarm refer toOrder, case, which is dispatched a car, sends alarm, and cruiser personnel find case according to alarm and dispatched a car.

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