Safety monitoring system and its application method for job site

Safety monitoring system and its application method for job site

  • CN 107,293,090 A
  • Filed: 08/01/2017
  • Published: 10/24/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/01/2017
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1. a kind of safety monitoring system for job site, it is characterised in that:

  • Including multiple detection terminals and monitoring server;

    The detection terminal is worn on the arm of constructor or thigh, and the detection terminal includes sensor unit, master controlUnit, positioning unit, the first wireless communication unit, injection mechanism and housing;

    It is the main control unit, positioning unit, first wirelessCommunication unit and injection mechanism are in the housing, and the sensor unit is located at the back side that the housing is contacted with skinOn;

    The sensor unit includes photoelectric sphyg sensor and infrared pulse transducer, for gathering heart rate Value Data and inciting somebody to actionHeart rate Value Data is sent to the main control unit, and the main control unit is by first wireless communication unit by heart rate Value DataSend to the monitoring server;

    The positioning unit is used for the real time position for positioning workmen, and real time position data is sent to the serviceDevice;

    The injection mechanism includes syringe, spring and telescope motor;

    The syringe is located in the sliding cavity of the housing, andAnd the piston rod of syringe presses the spring on the inwall of the sliding cavity, the telescope motor is in the housingAnd the expansion link of telescope motor and the plunger rod contacts, for preventing work of the syringe in spring in the case of untappedWith lower ejection;

    The telescope motor is used to perform the signal that the main control unit is transmitted;

    The monitoring server includes alarm, signal processor, the second wireless communication unit, display and database;

    Databases storage normal person'"'"'s heart rate range value, the personal information of all workmens and the specific position of construction siteConfidence ceases;

    Data and the database that the signal processor is sent the detection terminal by the second wireless communication unitInterior data are contrasted, when the data that send of detection terminal and data in the database are inconsistent, at the signalManage device transmission and perform signal to the display and alarm, make the alarm equipment alarm and show corresponding over the displayHeart rate value, personal information and particular location;

    The detection terminal is sent real time position data and carried out by the signal processorProcessing, for correcting real time position, makes real time position corresponding with particular location.

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