A kind of preparation method of doping type graphene nanobelt opto-electronic device

A kind of preparation method of doping type graphene nanobelt opto-electronic device

  • CN 107,316,920 A
  • Filed: 07/01/2017
  • Published: 11/03/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/01/2017
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1. a kind of preparation method of doping type graphene nanobelt opto-electronic device, it is characterised in that comprise the following steps:

  • The preparation of step 1, doping type graphene nanobeltOne copper substrate is provided, nickel film layer is formed in the copper substrate;

    A specific region is selected in the nickel film layer,The specific region is injected separately into n-type doping element, Type B doped chemical and p-type doped chemical, to form rich n-type doping respectivelyElement area, FuBXing doped chemicals area and FuPXing doped chemicals area;

    The copper substrate after being injected to doped chemical carries out firstStage is incubated, and is carried out in the tube furnace of three-temperature-zone, carries out mechanical vacuumizing to stove first, treats that air pressure is reduced to below 20Pa,Open molecular pump and be evacuated to 103Pascal, is then heated to furnace chamber and is continually fed into argon hydrogen mixture, gas flow rate constantFor 20sccm and pressure is kept in 100Torr, so that the copper substrate and nickel film layer formation corronil substrate, so thatMake the n-type doping element being injected into the nickel film layer specific region, Type B doped chemical and p-type doped chemical in the copperThe surface aggregation of nickel alloy substrate;

    Then second stage insulation is carried out under argon hydrogen mixture environment, with respectively in the rich NType doped chemical area and the FuPXing doped chemicals area obtain N-doping graphene, Type B doped graphene and p-type doped graphiteAlkene;

    Last Slow cooling is down to room temperature;

    The transfer of step 2, nano materialDoping type graphene nanobelt prepared by step 1 is put into alcohol, formed suspension, then by hanging drop withOn the silicon substrate of insulating barrier, then prevent from toasting on drying glue platform, alcohol is volatilized, repeat 3-5 times, until nanobelt is transferred toOn substrate;

    The transfer of step 3, electrode patternCoat photosensitive photoresist on silicon chip, light through mask plate in the pattern transfer on mask plate to photoresist,Then the substrate with photoresist after exposure is put into developer solution and reacted, the part of dissolving removed, under lithography layerA hole is left, this hole is corresponding with the figure of mask plate;

    The preparation of step 4, electrodeElectrode evaporation is carried out to nano material.

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