A kind of processing method of Reef in Chinese South Sea hydraulic reclamation malm ground

A kind of processing method of Reef in Chinese South Sea hydraulic reclamation malm ground

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  • Filed: 07/05/2017
  • Published: 11/07/2017
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1. a kind of processing method of Reef in Chinese South Sea hydraulic reclamation malm ground, it is characterised in that:

  • Its method is as described below:

    Step 1;

    construction survey:

    1), measuring system:

    Height datum:

    Using Zhujiang River reference plane;

    Plane coordinates system:

    Using Beijing 54 Coordinate System;

    2), plane control:

    The relation between WGS-84 coordinates and BJ54 Coordinate System has been initially set up, that is, has asked for WGS-84 to northThe coordinate transformation parameter of the coordinate system of capital 54, realizes WGS-84 coordinates to the conversion of Beijing 54 Coordinate System;

    Then it is attached in construction areaNear appropriate area sets up GPS differential reference stations, and the measurement parameter that correlation is finally carried out on GPS movement stations is set, and implements baseIn the construction Survey Control of RTK technologies;

    3), high process control:

    Vertical control survey is mainly the elevation pilot measurement of vertical control point near construction area, uses the high-precision number of degreesWord spirit level is carried out in the way of the measurement of the level of design grade, and measurement and adjustment process are strictly entered by the requirement of specifications of surveysOK;

    4), water level passs report:

    Tidal station is set near construction area, sets up water gauge and automatic sea level communication system, gaging station is testedReport is passed per 10min tidal observations once in tide interval;

    6), water-depth measurement:

    Lead line is laid to be carried out by code requirement, and construction detection and acceptance survey survey line are continued to use and measured before completionSurvey line, by unicast beam request implement measure, using double-frequency GPS by RTK location technologies carry out depth of water plane positioning;

    It is utilized respectivelyThe higher MK III dual frequency sounders of total accuracy of sounding and HS-50 type compensation of undulation instrument carry out depth measurement and compensation of undulation;

    7) measured in, constructing:

    Measurement is mainly the level measurement of hydraulic reclamation area in construction, and metering system adds prism to measure land with total powerstationBased on the mode of domain elevation, in the measurement of higher degree of hydraulic reclamation area simultaneously, also sand depth is taken to be monitored measurement in borrow areas, to protectCard takes sand region rationally to be carried out in plan is arranged, in early stage construction, takes sand region measurement to carry out once for every 7 days, hydraulic reclamation area is surveyedAmount early stage is carried out once weekly, and the later stage is carried out with pipeline progress, and measurement frequency is increased before completion of works, general measurement one dailyIt is secondary;

    8), acceptance survey:

    Acceptance survey is carried out by the way of total powerstation adds prism to measure land-based area elevation;

    Step 2;

    the laying of delivery pipe:

    Feed-line is made up of pipe waterborne, subaqueous pipe, land pipe, specific to lay as described below:

    1), the laying of underwater line:

    Underwater line is mainly using 3 plus 1 form, i.e., 3 section steel pipes are connected with 1 section rubber sleeve, waterDown tube adds 1 section self floating pipe form with pipe junction waterborne using 1 section steel pipe;

    The assembling of underwater line:

    A, stack place in pipeline and first carry out the small assembling of 1 plus 1 form steel pipe, heap is good stand-by;

    B, enter at water in harbour pipeline, spreading subaqueous pipe is assembled with loading machine and crane;

    C, subaqueous pipe have assembled backsight sea condition, such as can not directly be dragged in construction area, then are temporarily dragged to idle place by anchor shipIt is standby, it is necessary to be dragged to precalculated position by anchor ship during sinking, reef disk is led in one end, and one end is dragged to survey crew in design water intake endThe cursory position cast in advance;

    When d, subaqueous pipe sinking, then it is fixed to anchor water intake end with eight words, and two ends blind plate of dismantling, and disembarkation end is by crane or hooks machine associationWater filling is helped to sink;

    2), the laying of water borne conduit:

    Delivery pipe waterborne saves rubber sleeve with 1 using 1 plus 1 form, i.e., 1 section steel pipe and is connected and is connected to oneIndividual floating drum, pipeline is chosen near construction area and stacks place, stockyard to be on the verge of reef disk and waters is spacious, conveniently transports construction existingPlace, reef disk first by pipeline carry out it is small be assembled into 1 plus 1 form, heap is good stand-by, when needing water borne conduit, by loadingMachine and crane coordinate, docked between the pipeline that small assembling 1 Jia 1 by bank, and meanwhile the pipeline connected is shifted onto in the sea, andFloating drum is dosed under water borne conduit by anchor ship, fixed with cassette tape, this completes water under the assembling of water borne conduit, is being draggedTo before the use of construction area, first water borne conduit is dragged near harbour with anchor hawser fix, it is necessary to when construction is dragged to by anchor ship againArea, when selection wind is smaller, is thrown one end the water borne conduit assembled by anchorage traction to construction area by tugboat or canoeElbow after water receiving down tube or land pipe, the discharge pipeline of another termination dredger is determined in the anchoring of eight words, and this completes water borne conduitLaying;

    3), the laying of terrestrial pipeline:

    Terrestrial pipeline uses the form that rigid connection, i.e. steel pipe are directly connected to, and pipeline connects card dressPipe is assisted and transported to carrier aircraft, with pneumatic impact wrench or artificial by screw tightening;

    Step 3;

    dredger draws seabed calcareous sand:

    Dredger location arrangements seashore position near reef disk, left and right is respectively dished out a traversing anchor, and cable length is dished out 30-40m, is dished outWhen anchor position slightly to ship stern direction, using two piling bars alternately fixed accommodation of ship stern, dig sand and excavated by layering slitting, first dugLayer, after dig down layer, slitting width 70m, lift height 1.5m, with the progress of dredge fill, dredger takes sand according to regulationThe concrete condition of area'"'"'s scope, itself array pitch, accommodation is moved according to physical location, and delivery pipe is connected with blast pump, utilizes blast pumpBlowing force calcareous sand is transported to blending bin from subaqueous pipe and pipe waterborne, also with the blowing force of blast pump after mixed microorganismCalcareous sand blow to specify backfill region;

    Step 4;

    the preparation of microbial inoculum and nutrient solution:

    Microbial inoculum is collectively constituted by concentration OD600=1.5 Bacillus pasteurii and its nutrient salt solution, the nutrition per 1LSoy peptone containing 6g in salting liquid, 16g tryptone, 5g sodium chloride and 20g urea, nutrient salt solutionPH value is 7.25;

    Microbial nutrient solution is the calcium chloride solution that concentration is 0.60mol/L-1.50mol/L and concentration is 0.60mol/L-1.50mol/L urea liquid is mixed;

    Step 5;

    abundant aeration agitation in blending bin:

    Blending bin one end couples subaqueous pipe and pipe waterborne, other end connection landPipe, calcareous sand is transported to blending bin by subaqueous pipe and pipe waterborne, fully exposed with microbial inoculum and nutrient solution in blending binGas agitating, afterwards by land pipe hydraulic reclamation to designated area, blending bin is big by biofilm system, aerating system and stirring system threeSystem is constituted.

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