A kind of good window bed special cabinet integrated device that floats of security

A kind of good window bed special cabinet integrated device that floats of security

  • CN 107,374,148 A
  • Filed: 08/31/2017
  • Published: 11/24/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/31/2017
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the good window bed special cabinet integrated device that floats of a kind of security, it is characterised in that including cabinet (1), bed surface (2) and right angleTriangular supports, the bed surface (2) are rectangular flat, and cabinet (1) is the equal length of cuboid, bed surface (2) and cabinet (1),The width of bed surface (2) and the width ratio of cabinet (1) are 1.5-2;

  • Two short side sides of the bed surface (2) and cabinet (1) upper tableTwo short side sides in face overlap, the long side weight of the outer side edges of the bed surface (2) and the close cabinet door (11) of cabinet (1) upper surfaceClose, the bed surface lower surface is fixedly connected with cabinet (1) in contact surface;

    Be respectively and fixedly provided with right angled triangle support above the both sides of the bed surface (2), two right angled triangle supports it is equal in magnitude andIt is parallel to each other, the right angled triangle support includes hypotenuse (31), the first right-angle side (32) and the second right-angle side (33), described obliqueThe length on side (31) is identical with the width of bed surface (2) and is arranged on bed surface (2), two of described two right angled triangle supportsThe crossbeam (36) parallel to bed surface is fixed between right-angled apices;

    The short side that the hypotenuse (31) of the right angled triangle support is located at bed surface (2) connects at inner side and the short side with bed surface (2)Touch and parallel, vertical support column (34) is fixed between the right-angled apices and hypotenuse (31) of right angled triangle support, it is described verticalSupport column (34) is vertical with hypotenuse (31);

    The vertical support column (34) is located at the surface of cabinet (1), first right-angle side(32) support batter post (12) is connected between cabinet (1), the support batter post (12) is used to make right angled triangle support and cabinetBody is relatively fixed between (1), and both sides, which are provided with, below bed surface (2) rear end slides self-locking device (4), the slip self-lockingDevice (4) is used to support bed surface (2), makes to be relatively fixed between window windowsill (6) upper surface of floaing below bed surface (2);

    Also include solar energy equipment, temperature-humidity detecting device and screen device (5), the temperature-humidity detecting device is used to detect ringThe temperature and humidity in border, the screen device (5) are used to exceed default temperature in the temperature or humidity of temperature-humidity detecting device detectionBed surface (2) is blocked during humidity range, bed surface (2) upper surface is additionally provided with pressure sensor, the pressure sensingDevice is used for the pressure for detecting the surface on bed surface (2), and cabinet door (11) lock is provided with the cabinet door (11) of the cabinet (1), describedCabinet door (11) is locked locks cabinet door (11) in target pressure range for the range of pressure values detected in pressure sensor, in pressureCabinet door (11) is opened when the range of pressure values of sensor detection is outside target pressure range, the solar energy equipment is used for warm and humidSpend detection means, pressure sensor, cabinet door (11) lock and screen device (5) power supply.

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