A kind of shared electric bicycle system for parking registration positioning

A kind of shared electric bicycle system for parking registration positioning

  • CN 107,393,182 A
  • Filed: 07/27/2017
  • Published: 11/24/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/27/2017
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1. a kind of shared electric bicycle system for parking registration positioning, share electric bicycle and locked using barcode scanning, cell phone application is enteredEnter shared electric bicycle and " use " interface immediately, after being directed at shared electric bicycle Quick Response Code barcode scanning, mobile phone is sent out by bluetoothGoing out unlocking instruction, user can unlock manually, and cell phone application starts timing, it is characterized in that, when user arrives at car locking in placeNeed to register, car locking switch motion record lock state, user can settle accounts according to timing time;

  • Shared electric bicycle, which is parked, to be stepped onAfter note, register information is transmitted by shared electric bicycle, then total station control is sent to by communication station network;

    Networked when barrier is less between Liang Ge communication stations using radio communication and total station control, Liang Ge communication stations are set respectivelyPut radio communication nRF905 modules, in nRF905 modules nRF905 timings registered letter is realized with wireless communication frequency between the station that setsBreath is transmitted, and the reception state of radio communication is at this moment kept by communication station in front of setting order, carries out unidirectional information transfer;

    Communication stationRegistration controller in single-chip microcomputer STC12C5A60S2 communicated by its SPI interface with nRF905, single-chip microcomputer STC12C5A60S2Another SPI interface communicated with bluetooth module;

    When nRF905 is detected with receives frequency identical carrier wave, a correct packet receives rear single-chip microcomputer and passed throughSPI interface enters standby mode with effective reception data in certain Rate extraction packet, nRF905;

    Receive process master followsRing is constantly in listening state, recursive call receiver function;

    If receiving packet, response bag is sent;

    When the communication of settingWhen number of standing is less, under communication station single-chip microcomputer STC12C5A60S2 controls, the register information of communication station passes through between communication station wirelesslyNetworking is realized in communication, and is sent to total station control through nRF905 and is handled;

    Shared electric bicycle is provided with intelligent speed-limiting device and digital speed meter, and possesses moveable endless, it is shared it is electronic fromDriving diamond sets communication station or the charging registration controller for installing electric bicycle or radio frequency communication station or infrared registration dressPut;

    Charging registration controller includes bluetooth module, and the serial port of single-chip microcomputer is directly connected with bluetooth module;

    It is equipped with communication stationNRF905 modules and charging registration controller, share in electric bicycle and controller for electric vehicle and intelligent speed-limiting device are housed, electronicVehicle controller is equipped with bluetooth module and gsm module, and infrared transceiver device is connected to the I/O mouths of single-chip microcomputer, the dual serial of single-chip microcomputerMouth is directly connected with gsm module and bluetooth module respectively, is included in infrared transceiver device by infrared transmitting tube and infrared receiving tubeAnd the infrared receiving/transmission probe that lens are formed;

    The I/O mouths of single-chip microcomputer are respectively with the electric door lock of shared electric bicycle and before being fixed onThe horseshoe lock connection of wheel carrier;

    The mechanical electric door lock that unshared electric bicycle uses does not have to, and changes by relay and its driving electricityRoad is formed, and its switching signal is provided by single-chip microcomputer through I/O mouths, and when user'"'"'s car, it is backward to obtain unlocking instruction for controller for electric vehicleElectric door lock sends unlocking signal, is series at the relay normally open contact closure of storage battery power supply circuit, shares electric bicycleDifferent conditions are controlled by change-over switch;

    Unlocking signal is also sent to horseshoe lock by controller for electric vehicle simultaneously, and horseshoe lock is by commonUnlocking motor and unlocking mechanism composition, can pulls open lock manually after being unlocked by controller for electric vehicle;

    Intelligent speed-limiting device is to pass through the defeated of MCU control PWM circuit by controller for electric vehicle in shared electric bicycleGo out, so as to change power tube power output, and when changing highest according to the measurement data and speed setting value of digital speed meterSpeed;

    10 to 15 kilometers are limited at according to registration website road congested conditions F-Zero in setting time of trip, works as lifeHand ride or road it is crowded occur riding speed change greatly when, F-Zero is limited at 8 to 12 kilometers;

    Shared electric bicycleBattery pack installation platinum resistance thermometer sensor, by controller for electric vehicle by A/D converter measure battery pack ambient temperature, when temperature exceedesFan for cooling is opened at 25 DEG C, when temperature more than 50 DEG C of alarms and reduces cell stack power output;

    Radio frequency communication station be used for inconvenience set bicycle parking area narrow walkway road roadside in riding it is shared it is electronic oneselfDriving exchanges information;

    Radio frequency communication station is provided with microcontroller, nonvolatile storage and bluetooth module, and wherein microcontroller usesAT89C55, and CC2541 chip bluetooth modules are used, the shared electric bicycle in riding is believed into radio frequency communication station bluetoothDuring number area of coverage, shared electric bicycle bluetooth module is waken up access piconet, into the shared electric bicycle of piconetCarry out register information with radio frequency communication station successively to exchange, the shared electric bicycle bluetooth module after register information exchanges is placed in notDormancy state;

    Communication station or charging registration controller, a charging registration are set in the bicycle parking area in the major trunk roads roadside of business districtController includes one or more charging piles, and the charge controller of charging pile is equipped with thermistor temperature detecting device, and has waterproofFan for cooling protection is opened with full of power down function, during more than 25 DEG C, after shared electric bicycle accesses charging pile, is delayed 10Minute starts to charge up and shows charged state by LED;

    When shared electric bicycle is parked, voltameter on user Yi Qiche, selectionDock at charging pile position or against the tactic stand of charging pile, need not go to fill during charging if voltameter is shownElectricity not checkout and punishment of being withholdd, goes charging to reward;

    Each charging pile is respectively mounted infrared transceiver device, by charging registration controlDevice wheel patrols shared electric bicycle numbering registration of the infrared transceiver device to access charging pile that scanning is installed on charging pile;

    HereafterIt is infrared to sequentially making resting in the shared electric bicycle beside charging pile by the shared electric bicycle for being connected to charging pileRelay numbering registration, is arbitrarily parked, can not register to settle accounts;

    The infrared transceiver device of shared electric bicycle sets positioningPopped one'"'"'s head in infrared receiving/transmission probe and relay with infrared receiving/transmission;

    The infrared receiving/transmission probe of shared electric bicycle is removed with charging pile to penetratingOutside, at the top of rearview mirror bracket also loaded on handlebar or another a relay infrared receiving/transmission being used at the top of the vertical rod that identifies or decorate is filledProbe, relay infrared receiving/transmission probe have unified setting height(from bottom) and position to electric bicycle or so to penetrating, it is corresponding make it is left orRight mark, its signal launched are not stopped by other bicycles;

    During setting after the far infrared transceiver starting that daily charging registration controller is arranged on charging pile as main equipmentIn, shared electric bicycle, which is sequentially ingressed into charging pile registration or enters beside charging pile sequentially to park, makees relay numbering registration,The relay numbering registration refers to that the relay infrared receiving/transmission of the shared electric bicycle by charging pile registration is popped one'"'"'s head in depositing inShared electric bicycle beside charging pile starts to register, the shared electric bicycle after registration again successfully to register when relay useThe left or right of infrared receiving/transmission probe receives, and to the right or registration is numbered in left unregistered shared electric bicycle, and transmits and step onNote and number information, to the last can not to next registration and numbering or to setting time, last successfully registered andNumbering shared electric bicycle labeled as relay car from resting state be waken up access main equipment in bluetooth module control it is micro-Microgrid, and main equipment will be wirelessly transmitted to by all registered and numbering the shared electric bicycle information delivered in relays,Relay car bluetooth module enters park mode completion relay numbering registration after transmission, turns into the shared electricity of first registration and numberingDynamic bicycle, relay registration and numbering hereafter are carried out to shared electric bicycle numbering by charging registration controller;

    Relay is registeredWith numbering process:

    First to have been enter into charging registration controller after the Bluetooth signal area of coverage and car locking it is unregistered it is shared it is electronic fromDriving is waken up access piconet, each shared electric bicycle in piconet is sequentially distributed by charging registration controller " newNumbering ", registered for infrared relay, the shared electric bicycle bluetooth module distributed after new numbering is placed in resting state, connects, charging registration controller is numbered to registered and numbering the shared electric bicycle registered and numbered including charging pile with itRealize that charging registration controller exchanges with the register information of shared electric bicycle bluetooth module serial communication for address, and fillAll new numberings are sent to all registered and numbering shared electronic in addition to charging pile is registered and is numbered by electric registration controllerBicycle, it is then that address is red to making after the shared electric bicycle of new numbering sequentially scan transponding according to new numbering since relay carOuter relay registration;

    Relay when the infrared relay registration refers to the shared electric bicycle after infrared registration again successfully to registerThe left or right popped one'"'"'s head in infrared receiving/transmission receives, and to the right or left unregistered shared electric bicycle makees scan transponding registration, and passesRegistration and number information are passed, last takes over former relay by the shared electric bicycle that relay is registered labeled as new relay carCar, and access piconet is waken up from resting state, then by this all shared electric bicycle information for newly registering and numberingCharging registration controller is wirelessly transmitted to, relay car bluetooth module enters the infrared relay registration of park mode completion after transmission;

    ThisSecond batch and the multiple above-mentioned relay registration of each batch weight later and numbering afterwards, so go round and begin again and constantly update register information;

    To can notThe new numbering for completing registration and numbering shares electric bicycle, and its new numbering makes marks records its user letter as " sequence number to be stepped on "Breath;

    The registration and numbering refer to the license number and the one-to-one corresponding of numbering of shared electric bicycle;

    Each shared electric bicycle intoIts LED is glittering at regular intervals once green after work(registration;

    With the exception of this, the shared electric bicycle parked is after the personnel that are managed arrange shift position, it is necessary to charging registration controlUnregistered shared electric bicycle is registered in device Bluetooth signal coverage processed, and charging registration controller is taken to be stepped on through relayBehind the interval of note and several lot numbers of numbering setting, the registration and numbering are expanded into sequence number to be stepped on;

    Extension registration and numbering:

    First in order of numbers opens the infrared receiving/transmission of the registered shared electric bicycle of a numbering in addition to charging pile is registered and is numberedDevice, numbered and serial number address to be stepped on according to new to sharing electric bicycle in diamond, sequentially make infrared connect after scan transpondingPower register, after the completion of enter it is next it is registered numbering operation, until it is all it is registered numbering operation complete;

    ExtendingThe shared electric bicycle finally successfully registered in the infrared relay registration of each registered numbering in registration and numbering, asNew relay car cancels former relay car and carries out relay registration and numbering;

    When shared electric bicycle and charging registration controller enter row information exchange, the charging registration controller reception of communication station is eachThe register information of shared electric bicycle, other charging registration controllers are stepped on each shared electric bicycle by what is be each collected intoRemember that information carries out information exchange;

    Register information is total to comprising what each charging registration controller being collected into setting time section was registeredEnjoy license number and its status of equipment, use pattern, user type and telephone number, the enrollment time and charging registration of electric bicycleCoding of controls;

    Shared electric bicycle by register information be sent to after charging registration controller will the register information delete,Each charging registration controller is deleted after the register information repeated and arrangement by shared electric bicycle transmission, through communication station to master stationController collects;

    In the bicycle parking area of non-business district, daily first shared electric bicycle and the infrared registration for being installed on roadsideDevice proceeds by relay numbering registration, and first shared electric bicycle being registered is arranged to main equipment after setting time,Relay registration and numbering and extension registration are carried out as stated above and numbering, its numbering of different main equipments make different marks,When the shared electric bicycle unlocking for being arranged to main equipment is ridden away, send registration and number information to infrared registration and fillPut and be re-set as slave unit, next be installed on roadside infrared transceiver device register and numbering it is shared it is electronic oneselfDrive a vehicle, after the registration and the number information that receive infrared transceiver device, be arranged to main equipment and continue relay registration and numbering, when sharedIts information is transferred to master station by electric bicycle and handled during electric bicycle quantity deficiency, can also use pedal as listCar is ridden to destination and awarded;

    In all front doors of school or residential area, the registration controller of identical numbering is set, it is automatic by its bluetooth module piconetTo the shared electric bicycle registration that comes in and goes out, represent to come in and go out with the odevity of log-on count, it into even number is that odd number, which is, fashionable sharedElectric bicycle sends register information to registration controller, when going out registration controller by register information send to it is shared it is electronic fromDriving;

    Or take inside residential area or the bicycle parking area of other sheltered situations installation probe;

    Shared electric bicycle user is divided into VIP user and casual user;

    Pass by one'"'"'s way pedestrian, voluntary labor service is casual user;

    VIP is usedFamily is ridden technology through the registration examination of administrative department real name, uses cell phone application to unlock and checkout;

    Shared electric bicycle is ridden arrivalNeighbouring bicycle parking area will be docked to behind destination and carries out car locking registration checkout, without the not checkout of registration car locking;

    VIP user can select " from keeping " pattern through cell phone application, not be parked in the temporary transient non-registration in bicycle parking area after arriving atCheckout, exceeding the setting storage period after car locking starts the timing parked, and shared electric bicycle keeping is undertaken by the userObligation, it is glittering at regular intervals once red to share electric bicycle LED, it is allowed to lock and forbid other people to use, when thisVIP user unlocks again when riding, and parks timing time according to it and collects certain rent;

    Be not park bicycle parking area it is non-fromStorage modes user, then car locking not settle accounts, it is desirable to when settling accounts, cell phone application prompt the user correctly park otherwise undertake it is sharedElectric bicycle custodial responsibility and fine, such as continue after parking setting time, cell phone application is alarmed standby through short message to total station controlCase;

    Shared electric bicycle system takes user to pull together condominium method;

    The car plate of each shared electric bicycle indicates the carLicense plate number and total station control telephone number, casual user with the total station control telephone number end extra bus trade mark of mobile phone dialing,Total station control receives license plate number and uses controller for electric vehicle of the special telephone number to shared electric bicycle by GSMShort message unlocking instruction is sent, controller for electric vehicle is unlocked to unregistered car or disabled vehicle, and at this moment casual user can draw manuallyDrive to lock and use, controller for electric vehicle starts timing restriction and ridden the time, is shut after arriving at registration, controller for electric vehicleShort message is sent to total station control by GSM, total station control adds up usage time and awarded, sends and get to casual userReward short message;

    Shared electric bicycle is equipped with the mercoid switch group being made up of the mercoid switch of several different installment states, such asFruit casual user is not to ride but be transported to up to the registration of registration destination, and controller for electric vehicle is according to equipment of itself fault detectJudge whether shared electric bicycle damages or ride with mercoid switch group on off state changing rule, carry out to the telephone numberThe reward of casual user;

    Car changes fierce, shared electrical salf-walking with non-registration mercoid switch group on off state is shut when removing car steathilyMercoid switch group on off state changing rule under the various forms of motion states of car is drawn by testing, in case of stolen car electric car controlDevice processed is put on record through GSM message to the alarm of total station control, and checking in case by GSM nets dispatches a car general orientation, or sends cruiser to crimeThe several charging registration controllers in ground periphery send inspection request, discover and seize case and dispatch a car movement locus, several peripheries charging registration controlsDevice timesharing is dispatched a car with case to communicate, and is positioned according to the bluetooth signal intensity that receives, then by cruiser comprehensive assessment crime truck position,Further according to case dispatch a car movement locus and the case that receives is dispatched a car bluetooth signal intensity positioning, most backward crime car is through GSM messageOr Bluetooth signal sends unlatching alarm vocal command, case, which is dispatched a car, sends alarm, and cruiser personnel find case according to alarm and dispatched a car.

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