A kind of manufacture craft for the soya-bean milk for adding sorghum

A kind of manufacture craft for the soya-bean milk for adding sorghum

  • CN 107,410,510 A
  • Filed: 06/06/2017
  • Published: 12/01/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/06/2017
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1. A kind of 1. manufacture craft for the soya-bean milk for adding sorghum, it is characterised in that using the sorghum grain of rice after soybean and shelling as raw material,By the processing of broken heating, one kind is obtained in the case where not filtering, the soy milk product without bean dregs precipitation after standing;

  • The techniqueDuring it is broken and heat Automated condtrol all realized by micro-control unit, and can implementation process therebetweenThe precise match of control:

    Specifically technical process is:

    Soybean, sorghum rice and water are put into soy bean milk making machine, in initial 5 minutes, micro-control unit does not export heating signal, heatingDevice is idle, and the temperature of soya-bean milk material is consistent with environment temperature in system;

    And in this time, micro-control unit output connectsContinuous break signal, crush motor and drive destroyer with 3000 revs/min of rotary speed working:

    Next, micro-control unit controls destroyer is with 1200 revs/min of rotary speed working, while micro-control unit output is continuousHeating signal, control heater is warming up to 75 DEG C with 10 DEG C/min heating rate heating soya-bean milk material from environment temperature;

    WhenAfter system temperature is raised to 75 DEG C, micro-control unit exports the pulsed break signal of interruption at once so that crusher is with followingMode work:

    When monitoring that material temperature reaches 75 DEG C, destroyer is then stopped with 5000 revs/min of rotary speed working 5 secondsOnly work 15 seconds, then with 5000 revs/min of rotary speed working 5 seconds, be then stopped again 15 seconds, so repeatedly 30 times(

    It is time-consuming10 minutes)

    , within this 10 minutes time, signal output of the micro-control unit without heating, soya-bean milk material is tieed up under insulation effectHold at 75 DEG C:

    After completing said process, micro-control unit exports heating signal again at once, and heater is heated with 15 DEG C/min of speedMaterial temperature stops heating to 103 DEG C after maintaining 5 minutes at this temperature;

    At the same time, micro-control unit in the periodContinuous break signal is exported, destroyer is stopped simultaneously with 1200 revs/min of rotary speed working with heating unit.

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