Integrated protector for program-controlled high-voltage switch

Integrated protector for program-controlled high-voltage switch

  • CN 1,074,193 C
  • Filed: 07/31/1995
  • Issued: 10/31/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/31/1995
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. integrated protector for program-controlled high-voltage switch at underground mine use, comprising:

  • signal attenuation circuit, filter circuit, rectification circuit, multiplexed signal sampling circuit, modulus (A/D) translation circuit, central controller, human-computer dialogue circuit, mnemon, digital display driver unit, switch motion control and parts such as driver element, communications interface unit and power subsystem;

    It is characterized in that;

    described high-voltage switch gear comprehensive protector, to time voltage signal in the down-hole high pressure electrical network<

    two tunnel〉

    current signal<

    two tunnel〉

    electric leakage signal<


    carry out filter circuit filtering respectively, the rectification circuit rectification is adjusted, and the electric resistance partial pressure decay enters the A/D A-D converter;

    Screened cable core ground wire enters comparator and adjusts through inductance capacitor filtering, also enters the A/D A-D converter;

    The A/D A-D converter according to the analog quantity size, becomes pulse signal, enters central controller;

    Central controller is according to the instruction of memory, and to the A/D signal sampling, metering, logical operation, self check are tested oneself, logic analysis, comprehensive judgement, output control;

    When central controller enters work (during start), at first according to central controller instruction, send the self check order of testing oneself, this order enters driver element, display unit, when the driver element display unit was working properly, this signal returned central controller;

    In like manner, sense command enters the switch drive unit, communication interface unit (human-computer dialogue) when each cell operation just often, each inverse signal is returned central controller simultaneously, finishes the self check self-test procedure;

    When the driver element display unit, switch drive unit, when communication interface unit breaks down, central controller output malfunction routine drives driver element, and display unit shows fault-signal;

    Cross when line voltage and to exceed lowly, electric current is excessive too small, and leakage current and electrical leakage voltage phase place are undesirable, when undesired output is arranged, input analog amount enters the A/D A-D converter, produce pulse signal and change, when digital quantity when central controller reads in, exceed normal range (NR), central controller CPU judges the control drive unit switch motion to this signal analysis, and output order shows undesired numeral to display unit, and output order is remembered instant digital state to mnemon;

    When needs inquiry memory, the people sends instruction by entreat the control mouth by key control centering, and the instant digital state of mnemon returns central controller, sends instruction by central controller again and drives digital display unit, and the demonstration remember condition is finished human-computer dialogue;

    Described high-voltage switch gear comprehensive protector adopts screening arrangement to get rid of interfere with electromagnetic field.

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