Fresh air device and fresh air system

Fresh air device and fresh air system

  • CN 107,461,867 B
  • Filed: 08/02/2017
  • Issued: 09/07/2021
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/02/2017
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1. A fresh air device is characterized by comprising an indoor detection control machine with an indoor shell (2);

  • the indoor and outdoor shells (2) are made of antibacterial polypropylene plastics;

    the antibacterial polypropylene plastic is prepared by the following process;


    dissolving 18-22g of chitosan in 1000g of 800-1000g of acetic acid aqueous solution with the mass fraction of 0.8-1.2%, uniformly mixing to obtain a chitosan solution, adding 25-35g of kaolin into the chitosan solution, stirring for 25-35 minutes at the rotation speed of 30-60 r/min at 55-65 ℃

    , centrifuging, and removing the supernatant to obtain a precipitate A;

    adding the precipitate A into 1000g of potassium iodide aqueous solution with the concentration of 70-90mg/L, stirring for 25-35 minutes at the rotating speed of 30-60 r/min, centrifuging, removing the supernatant to obtain a precipitate B, and drying the precipitate B at the temperature of 55-65 ℃

    to constant weight to obtain the functionalized kaolin;


    weighing 98-102kg of polypropylene, 8-12kg of high-density polyethylene, 18-22kg of low-density polyethylene, 0.5-1.0kg of maleic anhydride grafted PP, 0.3-0.7kg of stearic acid, 4-8kg of functionalized kaolin, 5-7kg of calcium carbonate, 0.02-0.05kg of 3- (2, 3-epoxypropoxy) propyl trimethoxy silane and 5-15kg of transparent nucleating agent;


    uniformly mixing the weighed raw materials in a high-speed stirrer at 1000-1500 rpm for 5-15 minutes to obtain a mixture;


    adding the mixture into a double-screw extruder, wherein the processing temperature of the double-screw extruder is as follows;

    the temperature of the first zone is 170-190 ℃

    , the temperature of the second zone is 180-200 ℃

    , the temperature of the third zone is 190-210 ℃

    , the temperature of the fourth zone is 205-225 ℃

    , the temperature of the fifth zone is 210-230 ℃

    , the temperature of the sixth zone is 220-240 ℃

    , the temperature of the seventh zone is 230-250 ℃

    , the temperature of the eighth zone is 240-260 ℃

    , and the rotating speed of the host is 300-400 r/min;

    cooling and drawing the strips after extrusion, and air-drying and granulating to obtain the finished product;

    the transparent nucleating agent is prepared from 1,3-2, 4-di (p-methylbenzylidene) -1-allyl sorbitol and NX8000K transparent nucleating agent according to the mass ratio of (1.5-2.5);


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