A kind of express delivery box structure

A kind of express delivery box structure

  • CN 107,495,812 B
  • Filed: 10/09/2017
  • Issued: 10/18/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/09/2017
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1. a kind of express delivery box structure, it is characterised in that:

  • box body including the perforative rectangle in the left and right sides is rotatably connected on the boxThe swivel plate of the left and right sides of body upper end and the fan component being mounted on the swivel plate;

    The swivel plate is fixedly connected with the mounting plate for installing the fan component close to the box body side;

    The installationThe driving motor being equipped at the rotary shaft of the fan component for driving the fan component rotation is corresponded on plate;

    The windThe outer rim of fan component is protruding to outside the swivel plate;

    The fan component includes inner ring and outer rings interconnected;

    Turn between the inner ring and the outer ring along fan componentThe circumferentially equidistant of moving axis is equipped with multiple moving blades;

    There are two support plates close to left and right ends installation for the rear and front end lateral wall of the box body;

    It is formed in the support plate moreThe guide groove of a vertical direction setting;

    The box body both ends correspond to and are fixedly connected with plush copper at each guide groove;

    The front and back end that the rotation axis of the swivel plate is located at the stretching box body has been respectively fixedly connected with first gear;

    The supportThe upper end of plate, which corresponds at the first gear, forms one section of rack gear being connected by meshing transmission with the first gear;

    The rear and front end of the box body is equipped with the cylinder for driving the support plate to move up and down;

    The output end of the cylinderIt is fixedly connected with the support plate;

    Electric air pump is installed on the box body;

    Each cylinder is connected with the output end of the electric air pump by pipelineIt connects;

    The inlet end of the cylinder and outlet side are mounted on solenoid valve;

    The battery for being equipped with controller on the box body and being electrically connected with the controller;

    Each dual-axle motor, each driveDynamic motor, electric air pump, solenoid valve and controller electrically connect;

    The both ends of the moving blade are plugged in inner ring and outer rings respectively;

    All moving blades are by turning to a planeWhen, it is closed between the inner ring and the outer ring;

    The end that each moving blade is located in the inner ring is fixedly connected withSecond gear;

    The loop-shaped ultrasound motor coaxial with the fan component is installed in the inner ring;

    The loop-shaped ultrasound motor turnsSub- one end is towards each second gear;

    Circular disk is fixedly connected on the rotor of the loop-shaped ultrasound motor;

    It is describedThe gear teeth being connected by meshing transmission with each second gear are formed on the end face of circular disk;

    Multiple current electrodes electrically connected with controller are installed on the mounting plate;

    It is equipped in the inner ring and the annularMultiple brushes that each input electrode of supersonic motor is connected;

    Each brush respectively with corresponding each power supplyElectrode is slidably connected;

    Bottom surface is equipped with electronic scale in the box body, when detecting that the intracorporal package weight of box is greater than maximum carry by electronic scaleExpress delivery box is taken off by controller limitation when weight.

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