A kind of Health-care waist-protection unit of the inner bag containing Chinese herbal medicine and preparation method thereof

A kind of Health-care waist-protection unit of the inner bag containing Chinese herbal medicine and preparation method thereof

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  • Filed: 08/22/2017
  • Published: 12/29/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/22/2017
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1. a kind of preparation method of the Health-care waist-protection unit containing Chinese herbal medicine, it is characterised in that comprise the following steps:

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    The sewing of waist support set:

    A, high-quality pure cotton cloth is selected, is cut by men and women'"'"'s waist type and waist support blank is made, forms waist support surface layer;

    B, select high-quality pure cotton cloth to be cut according to the shape of waist support blank surface layer, be fabricated to waist support nexine, and in nexineOn be provided with the entrance of dress inner bag, and stick is sewed on the inside of porch;

    C, and then by the nexine tailored and surface layer it is sewed together, waist support set is made, then stick is sewed at waist support set both ends,Fixed waist support set;


    The making of waist support liner:

    Selected pure cotton fine canvas, blank is covered according to waist support, is cut into 4 layers of liner, is taken the needle suture by rectangular shape, obtained waist supportLining, then sew fixed in waist support set;


    The making of Chinese herbal medicine inner bag:

    A, selected pure cotton cloth, according to the shape of waist support blank, it is cut into the upper and lower layer of inner bag;

    B, and then the cotton waste that will processTile onto pure raw cotton layer of cloth;

    C. tile the health-care Chinese herbal medicinal that a layer thickness is 4-5mm on cotton;

    D, covered on Chinese herbal medicineThe cotton waste of upper thin layer;

    E, the upper strata pure cotton cloth cut on auxiliary on cotton waste again, by auxiliary five layers of good inner bag quiltingThe good inner bag of quilting is lockstitched a border into square trellis shape, then with cap seaming machine, finally shaped inner bag bound edge with taping machine, insideSew on the stick matched with the inside of waist support set porch in the appropriate location of courage, you can;


    Inner bag is put into the waist support set of waist support blank, the stick on the stick and bile set on inner bag bonded, you can obtainFinished product;

    Including waist support set and Chinese herbal medicine inner bag, the waist support set includes surface layer and nexine, passes through seam between the surface layer and nexineSystem forms waist support set;

    The nexine is provided with opening, described to be open for loading waist support Chinese herbal medicine inner bag;

    Described waist support medium-height grassMedicine inner bag is that five-layer structure sewing forms, described five-layer structure pure cotton cloth layer, cotton layer, health care Chinese medicine successively from top to bottomLayer, cotton layer, pure cotton cloth layer.

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