Based on the system for selling the progress information gathering of equipment user's information and/or push

Based on the system for selling the progress information gathering of equipment user's information and/or push

  • CN 107,657,480 A
  • Filed: 09/08/2017
  • Published: 02/02/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/08/2017
  • Status: Active Application
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1. based on the method for selling equipment progress information gathering and/or push, it is characterised in that methods described includes:

  • S1:

    Obtain by sell equipment end identification the shopping information of user, biological information, at least one in user'"'"'s characteristic informationKind;


    System background server is according to information analysis user characteristics parameter acquired in S1;

    Preferably, the user characteristics parameter determines by the following method:

    Obtained by server in the shopping information for selling equipment and identifying and sending, biological information, user'"'"'s characteristic informationAt least one, described information is subjected to Classification and Identification, different information transmissions to algorithms of different module are carried out that user is calculatedCharacteristic ginseng value;

    Preferably, described method also includes S3:

    The user characteristics parameter value that system background processor is calculated according to S2The corresponding information of match system background memory go forward side by side row information push;

    Preferably, the matching process is realized by the following method:

    Data Identification is carried out according to the classification of user characteristics parameter, the database equally identified is carried in processor search holderAnd matched, processor recalls the information content in the database;

    Preferably, described equipment of selling is automatic vending equipment;

    Preferably, it is described to sell the goods that equipment is sold and include female menstrual period product;

    It is highly preferred that described female menstrual period productionProduct include female menstrual period commodity or female menstrual period takes product;

    It is highly preferred that the female menstrual period commodity are sanitary napkin, healthOne or more in sliver, in dysmenorrhea plaster;

    It is highly preferred that it is female menstrual period health products or female that described female menstrual period, which takes product,Property menstrual period food;

    It is highly preferred that described goods also includes wet tissue;

    Preferably, obtained in the S1 includes probe, web crawlers, Flume by the used technology for selling equipment end identificationOne or more in Architecture Analysis, Kafka frameworks;

    Preferably, algoritic module uses intelligent algorithm in the S2;

    It is highly preferred that the intelligent algorithm includes regression algorithm, decision Tree algorithms, clustering algorithm, neural network algorithm, depthSpend learning algorithm, reduce at least one of dimension algorithm.

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