A kind of high charge rate FPC flexibilities wireless charging transmission coil manufacture craft

A kind of high charge rate FPC flexibilities wireless charging transmission coil manufacture craft

  • CN 107,993,833 A
  • Filed: 11/27/2017
  • Published: 05/04/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/27/2017
  • Status: Active Application
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1. A kind of 1. high charge rate FPC flexibilities wireless charging transmission coil manufacture craft, it is characterised in that:

  • Comprise the following steps,S1:

    Prepare for the pure copper foil being processed, and cleaning treatment is carried out to copper foil machined surface;


    Using laser-induced thermal etching in the ready copper foil surface etching groove bodies of step S1, groove body can be blind slot either 100%Perforative straight slot through hole;


    Etch channels;

    After step S2 completes groove body working process, i.e., carve raceway groove, the width of raceway groove in copper foil machined surfaceScope is 10um-100um, and the depth bounds of raceway groove is by the 10%--100% of quarter copper thickness;


    Pre-treatment is carried out to the copper foil after the completion of step S3 working processes;

    Pretreatment process include microetch finishing, water process withAnd drying three step process flow;


    Base material is pressed in copper foil surface;

    Colloid is pasted in copper foil surface first, then in colloid front pressing board substrate;


    Patch etching dry film;

    Using dry film (Dry Film), wet film (liquid photoresist (Liquid Photoresist)Figure transfer process so that propylene vinegar class monomer or propylene vinegar photosensitive resin with double bond in the presence of photoinitiators, byLight initiating polymerizing reaction produces cross-linked structure and reaches imaging effect;


    LDI laser explosures (Laser direct are used for the copper foil with etching dry film after the completion of step S7), imging adjust automatically harmomegathus degree;



    Development treatment operation is carried out to copper foil in developing machine;


    After step S8 development treatments, coil line working process is then etched;

    Processing procedure includes following stepSuddenly,A1:

    Coating protection is carried out to copper foil;

    Copper foil Coating is formed using electrotinning or chemical tin plating process on copper foil top layer to applyLayer;

    The etch protection layer of 0.001 micron of -500 micron thickness scope is formed on copper foil;


    Laser ablation circuit;

    Use laser (laser of laser-induced thermal etching for picosecond, nanosecond, femtosecond or excimer laser, andLaser light source is green light, UV purple lights or CO2Laser light source) copper foil surface of Coating layers of protection has been subjected in step A1The distance between coil and coil (line-spacing) are carved, and the width etched, between 5 microns -100 microns, the depth of etching isBetween the 1%-110% of Coating+ conductor copper thicknesses;


    After the completion of circuit etching, cleaning cleaning is carried out to etching raceway groove;

    Using the plasma gas of normal PCB factories with surpassingAcoustic wave liquid carries out the laser residue cleaning in raceway groove, is shaped easy to follow-up circuit;


    Carry out last cleaning, drying and processing;


    After step S9 etching processes, remove remaining dry film;


    Last cleaning, drying and processing are carried out, obtains wireless charging transmission coil module finished product.

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