A kind of horizontal lower exhaust intelligently dry hair machine and its Gan Fa mechanisms

A kind of horizontal lower exhaust intelligently dry hair machine and its Gan Fa mechanisms

  • CN 108,113,166 A
  • Filed: 12/16/2017
  • Published: 06/05/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/16/2017
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1. a kind of intelligent dry hair machine of horizontal lower exhaust, including horizontal chair and Gan Fa mechanisms, the horizontal chair is used for for human bodyIt lying down, the Gan Fa mechanisms are arranged at the one side of the horizontal chair, when human body lies down when on horizontal chair, the head of the human bodyAbove the Gan Fa mechanisms, it is characterised in that:

  • The horizontal chaise longue is provided with support close to the one side of the Gan Fa mechanismsStructure, the support construction include telescopic supporting rod and are arranged at the lip block of the telescopic supporting rod, the supporting padBlock is fixedly arranged on by the support telescopic bar on the horizontal chair, and the support telescopic bar is scalable to be set to drive the supportCushion block moves, and the one side of the Gan Fa mechanisms is provided with main testing temperature sensor to the lip block and main measuring moisture passesSensor, the Gan Fa mechanisms include dry hair case, and dry hair cavity volume is formed with inside the dry hair case, and the dry hair cavity volume has upwardOpening, the dry hair case is provided with air curtain structure, dry hair structure and exhaust structure;

    The air curtain structure include first supply gas source, air curtain air-supply gas circuit and round wind outlet, first source of supplying gas lead toIt crosses the air curtain air-supply gas circuit and connects the round wind outlet, the round wind outlet is formed at the dry hair cavity volume, the ringShape air outlet, which tilts down, to be set so that the air discharged by the round wind outlet has downward component;

    The dry hair structure include second supply gas source, it is dry send general mood road and it is several it is dry send air port, described second supplies gasSource by the dry transmission general mood road connect it is described it is dry send air port, the dry air port that sends is formed at the dry hair cavity volume, instituteState the dry lower section for sending air port and being arranged at the round wind outlet;

    The exhaust structure includes the gas exhaust piping and exhaust source that are formed at the dry hair cavity volume bottom, and the exhaust source is used forThe air of the gas exhaust piping is discharged into the dry hair cavity volume;

    The Gan Fa mechanisms further include controller, and the controller connects the main testing temperature sensor, main measuring moisture sensorAnd Gan Fa mechanisms, the controller are configured with dry hair strategy, the dry hair strategy includes air curtain control algolithm, dry hair controlAlgorithm and exhaust gas control algorithm;

    The air curtain control algolithm controls the described first power P w1 that supplies gas for supplying gas source, and the air curtain control algolithm isPw1=P1+Xt* (T1-T)+Xrh* (RH1-RH);

    The dry hair control algolithm controls the power P w2 that supplies gas of second source of the gas, and the dry hair control algolithm includesPw2=P2-Xt* (T1-T)+Xrh* (RH1-RH);

    The exhaust gas control algorithm controls the power P w3 that supplies gas of the exhaust source, and the exhaust gas control algorithm isPw3=Pw2+Xt* (T1-T);

    Wherein, P1 is the basis air-supply power of default first source of the gas, and Xt is default temperature variation pondage factor, and T is pre-If reference temperature value, T1 is the temperature value of the main testing temperature sensor detection, Xrh for default humidity variable quantity adjust becauseNumber, RH1 are the humidity value of the main measuring moisture sensor detection, and RH is default reference humidity value, and P2 is default secondThe basis air-supply power in source, and have (P1/P2) >

    sin θ

    s, wherein θ

    is the angle that the round wind outlet tilts down.

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