Linear actuator

Linear actuator

  • CN 108,123,571 B
  • Filed: 09/29/2014
  • Issued: 08/24/2021
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/21/2014
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A linear actuator, comprising:

  • a shell, on which several pivoting slots are set, the opening of the pivoting slot is set with a cover plate which is inserted horizontally, the cover plate is set with a circular arc surface in the pivoting slot;

    a plurality of motors disposed within the housing;

    a plurality of actuating mechanisms which are respectively arranged in the shell corresponding to the motors, each actuating mechanism respectively comprises a pushing connecting rod which is pivoted in the pivoting groove, and the cover plate presses the pushing connecting rod by the arc surface so as to fix the pushing connecting rod in the pivoting groove;

    at least one automatic reset slide fastener, which is arranged on the corner of the shell by a torsion spring, so that when the cover plate is inserted into the pivot joint groove horizontally, the cover plate is pushed open laterally to move in an arc direction, and the cover plate is fixed on the shell by the automatic reset slide fastener;

    a plurality of clutch mechanisms respectively connected between each motor and the corresponding actuating mechanism;

    the base is arranged on the outer surface of the shell, a flange is arranged on the outer surface of the base, and the base is provided with a guide groove;

    the clutch driving mechanism is arranged in the base and is connected with each clutch mechanism;

    a pull handle, one end of which is provided with a cam which is abutted against the flange and a shaft lever is arranged at the end in a penetrating way, and the shaft lever passes through the guide groove and is connected with the clutch driving mechanism;

    the clutch driving mechanism comprises a plurality of rotating wheels, the rotating wheels can be driven by the pull handle to rotate respectively, an eccentric push rod is arranged on each rotating wheel in a protruding mode, and each eccentric push rod is connected with the corresponding clutch mechanism respectively.

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