COD detection methods and device based on multi-sensor information fusion

COD detection methods and device based on multi-sensor information fusion

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  • Filed: 02/13/2018
  • Published: 06/29/2018
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1. a kind of COD detection methods based on multi-sensor information fusion, which is characterized in that include the following steps:

  • Step S1 establishes meltage estimation model:

    The dissolved oxygen content of water sample and dissolved carbon dioxide amount are estimated as meltageThe output sample of model modeling, using ozone consumption, carbon dioxide production, digestion condition and the pressure in digestion process asMeltage estimates the input variable of model, and meltage estimation model is established using soft-measuring technique;

    Step S2, is first turned on ozone generator (1) and ultraviolet lamp, ozone gas by first gas dry condensation module (2),First gas flow sensor (3) and the first ozone concentration sensor (4) and pin hole suction nozzle (5) are into quartz glass reactionIt manages (8);

    Second liang of three-way electromagnetic valve (18) is opened, under the Pulse Width Control generated in liquid flow sensor (19), uses suction pump(20) it extracts in water sample VmL to quartz glass reaction pipe (8) to be measured and carries out resolution reaction, the gas generated in reaction process passes throughSecond gas drying condensation module (9), pressure sensor (10), temperature sensor (11), second gas flow sensor (12),Vent gas treatment pond (15) is discharged into after ozone concentration sensor (13) and gas concentration lwevel sensor (14);

    When carbon dioxide is denseSpend rate of change be less than given threshold when represent resolution complete, open and pass through first liang of three-way electromagnetic valve (16) waste liquid is discharged into it is uselessLiquid processing pond (17);

    Step S3 acquires and records the concentration of the first ozone concentration sensor (4) of digestion time ts reaction tubes imports in real timeValue C1iWith the concentration value C of the second ozone concentration sensor (13) of reaction tube outlet2i, the first gas flow of reaction tube importThe flow value l of sensor (3)1iAnd the flow value l of the second gas flow sensor (12) of reaction tube outlet2i, reaction tube goes outThe concentration value d of mouth gas concentration lwevel sensor (14)i

    Acquire the pressure values and temperature sensor (11) of pressure sensor (10)Temperature value;

    Respectively to l1iAnd l2iVolume flow amendment is carried out, respectively obtains volumetric flow units L after amendment1i


    The instantaneous ozone content of reaction tube entrance is calculated in step S4:

    Y1i=C1iL1i, the instantaneous content of entrance oxygen:



    The instantaneous ozone content in exit:

    Y2i=C2iL2i, the instantaneous content of exit carbon dioxide gas:

    Zi=diL2i, go outThe instantaneous content of oxygen at mouthful:



    Meltage estimation model is called, the ozone during input resolution is instantaneousConsumption (Y1i-Y2i), the instantaneous production quantity Z of carbon dioxidei, resolution pressure PiAnd temperature Ti, calculated by meltage estimation modelTo dissolved oxygen content B and dissolved carbon dioxide amount D, according to formulaWater sample in digestion process is calculated to consumeOzone amount Δ

    M and formulaCalculate the incrementss Δ

    N of oxygen in digestion process;

    It is former according to reactionReason, the incrementss that the free oxygen radical O of generation can subtract oxygen by the ozone amount of consumption obtain;

    The hydroxyl of generation is certainlyBy 34/16 times that base OH is free oxygen radical O;

    If the amount of the free oxygen radical O of generation is x, hydroxyl freeThe amount of base OH is y;

    Since the practical oxidant of resolution organic matter is for hydroxyl radical free radical OH, the COD of water sample to be measured:


    COD is the COD value of water sample to be measured;


    mixFor mixed gas density;


    M is the ozone amount of consumption;


    N is the incrementss of oxygen;

    V is the volume for clearing up water sample to be measured.

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