For the preparation method of the GeTe/Sb class superlattices phase change film materials of high-speed phase change memory

For the preparation method of the GeTe/Sb class superlattices phase change film materials of high-speed phase change memory

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  • Filed: 04/27/2015
  • Published: 07/06/2018
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1. a kind of preparation method of GeTe/Sb class superlattices phase change film materials for high-speed phase change memory, feature existIn the GeTe/Sb classes superlattices phase change film material be MULTILAYER COMPOSITE membrane structure, by GeTe layer with Sb layers of alternating deposit it is compoundIt forms, using one layer GeTe layers and one layer Sb layers as an alternate cycle, the GeTe layers of the latter alternate cycle are deposited on previousAbove the Sb layers of a alternate cycle;

  • GeTe layers therein is to be obtained using GeTe alloys as target by magnetron sputtering method;

    The GeThe membrane structure of Te/Sb class superlattices phase change film materials is with general formula [GeTe (a)/Sb (b)]xIt represents, wherein a is individual layer GeTeThe thickness of layer, a=5nm;

    Thickness of the b for Sb layers of individual layer, b=3nm, 4nm, 5nm, 6nm or 7nm;

    X is GeTe layers and Sb layersAlternate cycle number, x=4,5 or 6;

    During wherein b=3nm or 4nm, x=6;

    During b=5nm or 6nm, x=5;

    During b=7nm, x=4;

    Include the following steps:

    1. it is for use to be cleaned drying by the preparation of substrate for substrate;

    2. 1. substrate to be sputtered that step is cleaned is placed on base, by atomic percent Ge;

    Te by the preparation of magnetron sputtering=1;

    1 GeTe alloys and Sb is separately mounted to as sputtering target material in magnetron RF sputtering system target, and by magnetron sputtering coating systemSputtering chamber carry out being evacuated to vacuum degree in chamber and reach 1 ×

    10-4 Pa, it is high-purity using high-purity argon gas as sputter gasPercent by volume >

    =99.999% of argon gas;

    Ar throughputs are 30SCCM, and argon sputter air pressure is 0.3Pa, sets radio-frequency power supplySputtering power is 30W;

    3. magnetron sputtering is prepared [GeTe (a)/Sb (b)]xMulti-layer compound film:

    A, GeTe alloy target materials and Sb target material surfaces are cleaned first;

    B, after target material surface cleaning, by SiO to be sputtered2/Si(


    Substrate rotates to GeTe alloy target position, opens GeTeRadio-frequency power supply on alloy target position starts GeTe layers of sputtering, and GeTe layers of sputter rate is 1.44s/nm, and GeTe layers of sputtering are completedAfterwards, the radio-frequency power supply applied on GeTe alloy target position is closed;

    C, the substrate for having sputtered GeTe layers is rotated into Sb target position, opens the radio-frequency power supply on Sb target position, Sb layers of sputtering speedRate is 4s/nm, and Sb layers are obtained after sputtering;

    D, repeat the above steps b and c, and number of repetition is x-1 times, and sputtering terminates to obtain for the GeTe/ of high-speed phase change memorySb class superlattices phase change film materials.

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