A kind of regulation and control method of intellectual Drowse-proof device

A kind of regulation and control method of intellectual Drowse-proof device

  • CN 108,550,241 A
  • Filed: 04/27/2018
  • Published: 09/18/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/27/2018
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1. a kind of regulation and control method of intellectual Drowse-proof device, it is characterised in that:

  • Including equipment install with start, data setting withAdjustment, drowsiness are reminded, prompting function stops and tutor auxiliary platform, detailed process are as follows:

    (1) equipment installation and startup:

    When intellectual Drowse-proof device is installed, more monitors are respectively placed at each firstOn desk, the anti-drowsy seat that then fixed placement matches with monitor respectively, it is monitor to be laid with charging circuit in classroomThere is provided electric energy with anti-drowsy seat, finally open monitor, control unit and monitor wireless network connection, monitor with prevent it is sleepyThe connection of seat RI radio intelligence is slept, keeps whole system power information unimpeded;

    (2) data setting and adjustment:

    Course or timeline are transmitted to every monitor, monitor by control unit againIt is opened during controlling monitoring head at school by microprocessor, when monitoring head is opened for the first time, microprocessor is acquired by monitoring headUser'"'"'s face feature, while microprocessor controls chip by monitoring that signal transmission device carries out information exchange with control chipControl pressure sensing layer is at school or the session opens, and realizes that microprocessor to the indirect control of pressure sensing layer, works as useWhen person'"'"'s daily schedule changes, during the operation that monitor is readjusted by control unit;

    (3) drowsiness is reminded:

    Meeting or school session, user'"'"'s end is sitting on anti-drowsy seat, after pressure sensing layer bears pressurePressure information is born to control chip transmission, controls chip analysis pressure information, is produced when pressure information meets user and sits up straightWhen raw pressure, control chip sends enabling signal, monitoring letter by signal transmission device to the monitoring signal transmission device of monitorThe enabling signal of receiving is transmitted to microprocessor by number transmitter, and microprocessor starts monitoring head, monitoring head monitoring user facePortion'"'"'s expression, when closing one'"'"'s eyes for a long time occurs in user or expression is unchanged, microprocessor is by monitoring signal transmission device to controlCoremaking piece sends alerting signal, and control chip opens motor after receiving signal, and watchful bar back and forth pats user'"'"'s thigh, until willUser wakes up, and after monitoring head monitors that user has woken up, microprocessor sends stop signal, control to control chipCoremaking piece closes motor;

    (4) prompting function stops:

    When user is in session or when school session stands up to answer a question or pick up article, pressure passesSense layer is not felt by pressure, and control chip sends abort signal to microprocessor, microprocessor pause monitoring head, when user againSecondary to take a seat, pressure sensing layer receives pressure, and control chip is sent to microprocessor continues signal, microprocessor control monitoring head afterReforwarding row;

    (5) tutor auxiliary platform:

    Monitor and control unit wireless network connection, user can use monitor inspection information, intoRow mathematical computations, viewing instructional video and inquiry course and Curriculum adjustment, to realize intellectual anti-drowsy function.

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