Floor covering consisting of hard floor panels and method for manufacturing such floor panels

Floor covering consisting of hard floor panels and method for manufacturing such floor panels

  • CN 1,087,056 C
  • Filed: 06/07/1997
  • Issued: 07/03/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/11/1996
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1. one kind by hard, the floor that the floor board block that the basic core of wood constitutes is formed, floor board block has one and is in the plane that makes progress in first horizontal plane, one is in downward plane in second horizontal plane, at least two opposed end (2-3 of described hard floor board block, edge 26-27) is provided with the coupling part (4-5 that makes one and cooperatively interact with wooden basic core, 28-29), this coupling part is a tongue (9-31) and a groove (10-23), described groove is limited by a last projection (22-42) and a following projection (23-43) that ends at a vertical plane at least, described tongue has one at the tongue that floor board block is extended to inwards described vertical plane interconnective the time from the tip of the tongue always, it is characterized in that:

  • -following projection (23-43) be can elastic buckling and extend beyond projection (22-42);

    -coupling part is provided with whole mechanical locking (6), and this locking device and described core are made one, prevents that thus two interconnective floor board block from throwing off perpendicular on relevant edge and the direction that is parallel to interconnective floor board block bottom;

    The mechanical locking of-described integral body comprises a protuberance (33) on the soffit (35) that is positioned at described tongue on the one hand, and this protuberance to small part extends inwardly past described vertical plane and has a contact surface (38,74);

    This locking device also has a groove (36) that is used to receive described projection in following protuberance office on the other hand, this groove has a contact surface (39 that matches with the described contact surface of described projection,

         73), thus the described relatively horizontal plane of the tangent line that is limited by described contact surface under interconnective situation is tilted;

    Described contact surface (39,73) to the small part of-following projection is arranged in the part of the following projection (23-43) that extends beyond projection;

    -described projection (33) is set, groove (36) but and the following projection (23-43) of elastic buckling so that allow it to interconnect when relatively passing described floor board block with a kind of planar fashion.

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