Double axial extension polypropylene nacreous synthetic paper and its mfg. method

Double axial extension polypropylene nacreous synthetic paper and its mfg. method

  • CN 1,089,671 C
  • Filed: 04/15/1999
  • Issued: 08/28/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/15/1999
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1. , a kind of manufacture method of double axial extension polypropylene nacreous synthetic paper, it is characterized in that, described synthetic paper has three-decker:

  • paper layer or resin bed/foamed interlayer/paper layer or resin bed, three layers to extend axially multiplying power identical, the proportion of this synthetic paper is below 0.75, thickness is 25-250 μ

    m, and paper layer or resin layer thickness are 1-30 μ

    m, wherein, described foamed interlayer is made by comprising the polypropylene resin composite that following raw materials in part by weight forms, and the melt index of described acrylic resin contains the crystalline polypropylene resin of cis-structure more than 97% for 0.5-8;

    39-95 part, 0-40 part calcium carbonate powder, 0-20 part titanium dioxide, 1-5 part antistatic additive;

    Described paper layer is made by comprising the resin combination that following weight portion forms, and the melt index of its polyvinyl resin is 0.1-7;

    polypropylene 22-99.5 part, polyvinyl resin 0-12 part, titania powder 0-20 part, calcium carbonate powder 0-40 part, antistatic additive 0-3 part, antiplastering aid 0.5-3 part, ultra-violet absorber 0-2 part;

    In above-mentioned two kinds of compositions, the foaming layer feedstock composition is sent into the twin-screw main extruder of a tool side feeding device, the resin combination of paper layer raw material then send into respectively two tool side feeding devices the secondary extruder of twin-screw, three extruders are the extrusion capacity pressing materials to set under 180-280 ℃

    all, and conflux through same T die head co-extrusion extrusion, becoming paper layer or resin layer thickness is 1-30 μ

    m pearlescent synthetic paper plate, this plate is through 15-60 ℃

    cooling wheel cooling forming, impose twin shaft then to extension, comprise preheating, extend and temper;

    make 3~

    6 times longitudinal extension earlier, 115~

    150 ℃

    of preheat temperatures, remake 5~

    12 times horizontal expansion, 140~

    195 ℃

    of design temperatures, through the plate processing of the high-frequency corona under 20~

    120KW power again that above-mentioned extension is handled, coil into the three-layer co-extruded pressure polypropylene pearlescent synthetic paper of thickness 25~

    250 μ

    m at last with coiling machine.

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