Jet-propelled inner rotor motor

Jet-propelled inner rotor motor

  • CN 109,039,020 A
  • Filed: 08/23/2018
  • Published: 12/18/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/23/2018
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a kind of jet-propelled inner rotor motor, comprising:

  • the first turntable (2) and the second turntable (201) or X superimposed type turntable(202) the convex shelves backer two sides of main shaft (8) are fixed on respectively by main shaft (8), with pressing plate positioning bolt (24), in turntable respectivelyEquipped with magnetic guiding loop (3), permanent magnet (4), fan blade (22) or reinforcing rib (9);

    Main shaft (8) both ends pass through bearing (7) connection the respectivelyOne end cap (1) and second end cover (101) are connect each by bolt (11) with stator (6) in the outer nose circle of end cap, and are sealed solidIt is fixed, gap (12), sensor (21) are equipped between stator and plane of rotor disc, after the terminal block and seal stator in terminal box (18)It is drawn for conducting wire (19);

    It is characterized in that;

    being made of double-sided printed-circuit board and all stay in several on the outside of copper foil windings end to endComposition winding (5) is connected in series in coil, under high vacuum ultra low temperature state, winding is close with filler (501) with powder metallurgic methodPackage fills, by vacuum high-temperature compacting, sinter molding, aging process, keeps printed circuit board copper foil winding (5) eternal in statorHigh vacuum state and ultralow temperature and high temperature traces of memory are kept, and magnetic floating ring (23) are set and are filled as gap magnetic floating fixed positionIt sets, controls rotor and stator gap to minimum limit, the ultrathin type stator in conjunction with made of printed circuit board (6) significantly mentionsHigh electric efficiency is up to 95% or more;

    The automatic vacuum-pumping apparatus being arranged in motor simultaneously carries out the heat dissipation of vacuum jet, automaticallyVacuum evacuation device includes;

    dynamic sealing component on main shaft and several one-way exhaust valves (10) being located on end cap 1, be located at it is anotherSeveral uniaxial pressure intake valves (13) and fan blade (22) on one side end cap (101) are constituted;

    Motor rotating blading promotes insideAir-flow is discharged rapidly from one-way exhaust valve in heat fusion gap (12), since uniaxial pressure intake valve will arrive the vacuum degree of settingIt can just open, so causing negative pressure of vacuum operating status, as long as medium has reached the boiling point of setting in vacuum, moment can absorbA large amount of heat transmits heat to distal end with the speed of ultrasonic sound, undergoes phase transition the medium recycled into gap (12) first" superconduction " phenomenon is generated, the big calorimetric of transient absorption, which is discharged with ultrasonic speed from one-way exhaust valve, carries out jet heat dissipation, togetherWhen, it generates and interacts between uniaxial pressure intake valve and one-way exhaust valve, realize synchro-resonance, since the fast wall surface of air-flow velocity generatesRefrigeration effect contained that the temperature of stator winding (5) and permanent magnet (4) rises, band with operated in vacuum and high-intensity magnetic field aroundGroup (5) plays superconduction or sub- superconductivity effects, and the load-bearing capacity of motor is greatly improved, makes motor volume and the same function of weight ratioTraditional silicon steel sheet motor of rate reduces 10 times, and motor internal heat is converted to vacuum jet power, especially adapts to flyingIt is used in row device, wherein X is natural number.

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