A kind of fixed device of the neck promoting hemiplegia patient

A kind of fixed device of the neck promoting hemiplegia patient

  • CN 109,044,579 A
  • Filed: 08/29/2018
  • Published: 12/21/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/29/2018
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a kind of fixed device of neck for promoting hemiplegia patient, including bottom support portion (1), head support (2) andNeck fixed part (3), it is characterised in that:

  • the head support (2) is arranged in the top side of the bottom support portion (1),The neck fixed part (3) is detachably arranged at the top of the bottom support portion (1), and the neck fixed part (3) and instituteHead support (2) is stated to be disposed adjacent;

    The bottom support portion (1) includes bottom plate (4), and the top of the bottom plate (4) has close to one end edge for puttingThe placing groove (5) of the head support (2) is set, and is opened up at position adjacent with the placing groove (5) on the bottom plate (4)There is the through slot (6) for accommodating the neck fixed part (3), the top of the bottom plate (4), which is aligned its other end edge, to be hadArc groove (7), the arc groove (7) extend to the edge of the placing groove (5);

    The head support (2) includes being placed on the internal headrest (9) with inner cavity of the placing groove (5), the headrest(9) the arc silica gel plate (10) of recessed setting is inlaid in the middle part of top, and the interior bottom portion of the headrest (9) is equipped with driving dressSet (11) and the post rod mechanism (16) with the driving device (11) transmission connection, the also fixed peace in the inside of the headrest (9)Equipped with the transverse slat (30) for installing the post rod mechanism (16), the upper end of the post rod mechanism (16) and the arc silica gel plate(10) bottom is inconsistent;

    The neck fixed part (3) includes preceding supporting plate (22) and rear supporting plate (23) and fixing belt (27), the preceding supporting plate (22)Both sides external be symmetrically arranged with two fixed ears (25), the inside of two fixed ears (25) offers waist-shaped hole (26),Described fixing belt (27) one end sews the inside of a waist-shaped hole (26) wherein, and the fixing belt (27) other end isFree end, the edge that its free end is aligned on the one side of the fixing belt (27) are equipped with velcro hair side (29), and described solidDetermine to be spaced the velcro hair side (29) on the side where band (27) is located at the velcro hair side (29) equipped with velcro thornFace (28).

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