A kind of information monitoring method based on Bluetooth gateway

A kind of information monitoring method based on Bluetooth gateway

  • CN 109,089,248 A
  • Filed: 08/07/2018
  • Published: 12/25/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/07/2018
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1. a kind of information monitoring method based on Bluetooth gateway, it is characterised in that:

  • the following steps are included;

    Bluetooth gateway and multiple wearable bluetooth equipments are set;

    It executes Bluetooth gateway and networks and bind process;

    It include;

    to connect power supply, the red status indicator light breathing two on Bluetooth gatewayIt is always on after secondary, shows gateways and starting success;

    Open the BlueTooth button of wearable bluetooth equipment;

    Pressing on continuous short-press Bluetooth gatewayKey 3 times, then up to the fast blink of blue color states indicator light, expression gateway is successfully entered AirLink and matches within long-pressing key 5 seconds or moreSet mode;

    The WIFI password of the current wearable bluetooth equipment connection of input, clicks " beginning ", then Bluetooth gateway is waited to match automaticallyIt sets, the waiting time is 30 seconds;

    After configuration successful, Bluetooth gateway is successfully connected to network, and the Bluetooth gateway is sent out UDP'"'"'sBroadcast message, the broadcast message include facility information, after wearable bluetooth equipment receives the broadcast message of UDP, choose instituteIt states Bluetooth gateway and clicks " binding " button, complete the binding to Bluetooth gateway;

    The Bluetooth gateway obtains and parses the broadcast message of each bluetooth equipment, and the broadcast message includes bluetooth hardwareMac address information, identity information, encryption information, timestamp and body-sensing information, according to the intensity RSSI value of the Bluetooth signal of acquisitionCalculate distance;

    Server obtains the broadcast message of the Bluetooth gateway in each place and the video streaming image of camera, and establishes broadcast letterThe corresponding relationship of breath and video streaming image;

    Body-sensing information is compared in server, if the body-sensing information exceeds normal value, alarms;

    The body-sensing letterBreath includes shell temperature, heartbeat and heart rate data;

    After server receives the connection request of terminal transmission, confirm whether the connection request of the terminal is legal, if legal, then togetherThis asks server to meaning terminal, and is terminal distribution access authority;

    If it is illegal, then denied access;

    Server obtains the operation of shaking of terminal, and according to the amplitude and number for shaking operation, for terminal screening service choosing, after getting the operation of click service option of terminal, open the content under the service option catalogue.

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