A kind of Medical trolley endoscope feeder

A kind of Medical trolley endoscope feeder

  • CN 109,350,250 A
  • Filed: 12/18/2018
  • Published: 02/19/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/18/2018
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a kind of Medical trolley endoscope feeder, it is characterised in that:

  • main structure includes reel, reel mouth, position-limited rack, volumeLid, pulling plate, containing cavities, cover slot, antetheca, lock, lock pin, handle, drum cover, pin block, frame wall, frame chamber, locked groove and box frame cotter way;

    Wherein Medical trolley offers containing cavities with the inside of endoscope feeder, for medical apparatus such as deploying endoscopes;

    Containing cavitiesSurface be provided with one layer of elastic packing, prevent medical apparatus from damaging because of the vibration in transfer process;

    In Medical trolleyIt is fixedly installed reel with the rear end of endoscope feeder, the roll-top of elastic construction is installed inside reel, the upper end of reel is setIt is equipped with reel mouth, roll-top can be by the stretching of reel mouth freedom and flexibility or retraction reel;

    Use is existing inside reel canAutomatic stationary type tape structure, when by part roll-top pull out reel after, it is this it is existing can automatic stationary type tape structure canAutomatically roll-top is fixed, when needing the roll-top of pull-out retracting reel, pulls roll-top once, roll-top can retract volume automaticallyCylinder;

    The structure of roll-top is door curtain made of cloth shape software, using transparent material, convenient for observing state and the position of the medical apparatus such as put endoscopeIt sets, the front end of roll-top is provided with the pulling plate of rectangular parallelepiped structure, and the handle of U-typed structure is provided in the middle part of pulling plate;

    Roll-top is from volumeThe part that nozzle stretches out is limited frame and limits in Medical trolley endoscope feeder, and position-limited rack setting is in Medical trolley useThe upper end of sight glass feeder, position-limited rack and Medical trolley are connected with endoscope feeder card slot type, and position-limited rack and Medical trolley are usedThe side wall combination of endoscope feeder constitutes the cover slot of strip structure, and roll-top can be moved forward and backward along cover slot;

    Position-limited rack is wholeIn " mouth " font structure, the front center of position-limited rack and the lock rear end thereof formula of arc structure are connected, and the inner end of lock is setIt is equipped with the locked groove of cuboid framework structure, locked groove and the rectangular-shape lock pin that Medical trolley endoscope feeder front end is setMatch, lock is connect with the buckle-type of lock pin;

    The bottom surface of position-limited rack is provided with hollow cube shape frame chamber, and frame chamber is by frame-shaped knotThe frame wall of structure encloses, and roll-top can be moved forward and backward in frame chamber;

    The rear end of position-limited rack bottom surface and the drum cover of arc structureLower end is fixedly connected, and the left and right ends inside portion of drum cover is fixedly installed pin block, the setting of reel left and right ends outside portion respectivelyThere is pin block slot and match with pin block, connect position-limited rack with reel card slot type to realize;

    Use Medical trolley endoscopeWhen feeder, first position-limited rack is connect with reel card slot type, then lock is connect with lock pin buckle-type, is finally consolidated position-limited rackIt is scheduled on the top of Medical trolley endoscope feeder, guarantees that roll-top can smoothly cover conjunction containing cavities;

    Medical trolley endoscopeFeeder is connect with box frame card slot type, and box frame is fixedly installed on the car body, and car body is from top to bottom arranged successively 3-4 box of settingFrame realizes that the more than one piece of the medical apparatus such as endoscope is transported simultaneously, saves manpower.

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