A kind of farmland laying intelligent solar electricity generation system

A kind of farmland laying intelligent solar electricity generation system

  • CN 110,022,129 A
  • Filed: 04/03/2019
  • Published: 07/16/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/03/2019
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1. a kind of farmland, which is laid with, uses intelligent solar electricity generation system, it is characterised in that:

  • including security monitoring module, environmental monitoring mouldBlock, maintenance warning module and anti-theft early-warning module;

    The security monitoring module is used to monitor the information around solar panelIt is acquired monitoring, prevents the animal in unauthorized person or farmland from invading and solar panel is damaged;

    The environment prisonControl module be used to monitor the region where solar panel whether because environmental problem and caused by power battery plate cannot be justOften power generation is monitored;

    The data pair that the maintenance warning module is monitored according to security monitoring module and environmental monitoring moduleSolar panel carries out security maintenance, improves the generating efficiency of solar panels;

    The anti-theft early-warning module is according to security monitoringThe data of monitoring described in module and the information of maintenance warning module institute early warning are analyzed and processed, and then prevent solar panelThere is a phenomenon where steal;

    The security monitoring module includes data acquisition unit, data transmission unit, data analysis unit, numberUnit and smell control unit are transferred according to comparison unit, data;

    The data acquisition unit is for acquiring solar panel weekThe data information enclosed;

    The data acquisition unit includes image collection assembly and smell acquisition component;

    Described image acquisition componentFor whether thering are personnel or animal invasion to carry out the acquisition of image around solar panel, and collected data are sentTo data transmission unit;

    The smell acquisition component will be collected for being acquired to the smell around solar panelData be sent to data transmission unit;

    The picture number that the data transmission unit invades the personnel received invasion or animalData analysis unit is sent to according to ambient flavors data;

    The data analysis unit is according to the picture and odiferous information receivedIt is analyzed, if the invasion of animal, then data analysis unit receives animal picture and odor data with evidence and divided againAnalysis, and then whether analyze again is the invasion of grinding tooth animal;

    The data analysis unit is according to the image analyzed come animalData and odor data are sent to data comparison unit;

    The data comparison unit is gentle according to the data for receiving animal paintingTaste data are specifically compared, and then it is same for contrasting the collected data of figure acquisition component and smell acquisition component instituteThe data compared are sent to data and transfer unit by animal;

    It is then right according to data comparison unit institute that the data transfer unitThan transferring to specific grinding tooth animal information and then in database than this animal superior being information, and then the number that will be transferredIt is believed that breath is sent to smell control unit, smell control unit then transfers the information that unit is deployed into superior being according to data,And then the smell similar with superior being is given out, and then drive to grinding tooth animal, prevent grinding tooth animal to tooPositive energy solar panel or solar energy equipment damage, while not will cause grinding tooth animal again and occurring dead and influence in farmlandEcological environment.

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