Disperse azo dye mixtures

Disperse azo dye mixtures

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  • Filed: 03/23/1999
  • Issued: 07/09/2003
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/23/1998
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1. mixture, it contains the compound of at least a formula (I) expression:

  • In the formula;

    R 1Be hydrogen, C 1-C 4-alkyl, halogen, or C 1-C 4-alkoxyl group, n are 1 or 2, and ring A can be randomly by one or more identical or different C 1-C 4Alkyl or hydrogen replace, and the compound of at least a following formula (II);

    In the formula;

    X is a halogen, or CN, R 2And R 5Be hydrogen or C independently of each other 3-C 4-alkyl, and R 3And R 4Be hydrogen, the optional C that replaces independently of each other 1-C 4-alkyl or C 2-C 4-alkenyl, the substituting group of described alkyl be selected from-OH ,-CN ,-OCOR ,-OCOC 6H 5,-OCOOR ,-COOR ,-OC 6H 5,-C 6H 5Or C 1-C 4-alkoxyl group, R are hydrogen atom or C 1-C 4-alkyl.

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