Heterocyclic derivative and medicine

Heterocyclic derivative and medicine

  • CN 1,118,454 C
  • Filed: 09/08/1995
  • Issued: 08/20/2003
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/09/1994
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. compound or its salt or its solvate of general formula (I) expression, In the formula, R 1Expression phenyl, naphthyl, 2-thienyl or pyridyl, these groups can be replaced by 1-3 the identical or different substituting group that is selected from hydroxyl and halogen;

  • R 2Expression hydrogen, alkyl or can be by the phenyl of 1-3 halogen replacement;

    R 3, R 4Can be identical or different, expression hydrogen or alkyl, or R 3And R 4N with adjacency is NR 3R 4The cyclic amino of expression 4-8 unit;

    Described cyclic amino also can contain other nitrogen-atoms except that the nitrogen of this adjacency, and can be selected from one or more substituting groups that are selected from alkyl, hydroxyl and phenyl replacements;

    A represents that carbonatoms is the alkylidene group of 4-10, and described alkylidene group can be replaced by 1-2 the identical or different substituting groups that are selected from methyl and hydroxyl at an arbitrary position;

    E represents O or S;

    W represents singly-bound, O, S or (CH 2) n, n represents 1 or 2;

    Two expression N among X, Y, the Z remain expression CH, a CR, and wherein R represents alkyl, that is, and and G ring expression pyrimidine.

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