Improved ball gear and its serial engagement device and its driving device

Improved ball gear and its serial engagement device and its driving device

  • CN 1,122,423 A
  • Filed: 11/02/1994
  • Published: 05/15/1996
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/02/1994
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , gearing device or its transmission device of the complete a series of spherical gears of assembling are made of main part spherical gear and auxiliary spare part and part commonly used;

  • Spherical gear cyclotomy spherical gear<

    2 〉

    , ball gear<

    3, olive body gear<


    three kind, all tooth-formation of gear are axial bars teeth, indivedual gears also adopt like the truncated rectangular pyramids shaggy tooth;

    Modulus is pursued by coefficient to the both sides roundlet by the middle part great circle and subtracts;

    Auxiliary has several cabinet type gear hubs (8,9,10,11,12) and two kinds of box gear hubs (21,22), pull bar<

    16 〉

    , isogonism or etc. arc length gear ring section<


    transmission shaft<

    1, go up press table<

    19 or the like;

    Minority gearing device or transmission device also have unique components, as draw frame (24), key shaft extension bearing<

    29 of contracting〉

    or the like;

    It is characterized in that above-mentioned spherical gear through improving, also through improving, with several gearing devices and all more neotectonicss of several transmission device of their assemblings, it is better to make it to reach performance, and document presentation is more abundant for most auxiliary spare parts;

    Its improved spherical gear and the concrete feature of auxiliary spare part are as follows;

    The axis hole of a, described ball gear (2) is a splined hole, and the axis hole two ends are expanded into cylinder or frustoconic shape cavity, are used for placing thrust ball bearing or tapered roller bearing, the engagement of about 50 °

    in latitude less than the roundlet place bore a vertical pin-and-hole that connects axis hole;

    The axis hole of b, described ball gear (3) is made splined hole or axis hole expansion and the flat key groove is arranged, wherein encircle the null ball gear of internal diameter, the axis hole two ends are expanded into cylindrical or the frustoconic shape cavity, vertically run through the cylinder pin hole of axis hole at the inter-tooth slots mid point brill one of great circle;

    Set up axle collar shoulder on the axle of c, described olive body gear (4), be used for takeing on apical axis and hold, decide apart from the principle of not colliding according to the bearing support of active driven tooth hub between ring shoulder and the olive point;

    D, described cabinet type gear hub (8,9,10,11,12) are used from pendulum type gearing device, no matter initiatively driven, all vertical embedded removable shoulder block formula solid housing in two side, during assembling with the stud nut be fixed on the ad hoc circle of sidewall scarce in;

    E, described box gear hub (21,22), be to put the special use of type gearing device mutually, adopt box two layers of steel plate one sheaf space, this space is a spherical gear dress usefulness, be the plane up and down, but respectively be connected with an arbor in centre of sphere vertical line top and bottom with respect to the dress spherical gear, curved with respect to the rear wall of nibbling face, its arc radius greater than the spherical gear Outside radius to stay the gap, the vertical embedded removable shoulder block formula solid housing in two side, during assembling with stud, nut be fixed on the ad hoc side of sidewall scarce in;

    F, described pull bar (16), former macropore reduced bore of being inserted in rolling bearing, its two ends changes into is inserted in sliding bearing;

    G, described isogonism or etc. arc length gear ring section (14,15), be provided with the convex annular shoulder block keeping off nibble closely that the face steel plate makes it can not stress and be shifted, on the center line, a side is decided to be tooth center opposite side and is decided to be the between cog center;

    H, the described press table (19) of going up are drilled with the oil transportation hole at the middle part perpendicular to gear, and weld low one spill containment boom with iron sheet at the edge;

    I, the described key shaft extension bearing (29) that contracts, wherein there is the both sides semicircle to hold watt, semicircle holds watt has three separate spaces one every platform, shoulder key in the separate space on platform both sides has, two hold and add sleeve after watt closing and fix with bolt and nut and sunk screw, hold watt and sleeve between close structure after having, it is protruding that middle part, sleeve outside is useful on the ring in hole of bolt;

    Key axle stroke is 1.2 times to 1.5 times of ball stroke.

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