Multiple-unit man-power bicycle

Multiple-unit man-power bicycle

  • CN 1,125,186 A
  • Filed: 08/08/1995
  • Published: 06/26/1996
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/08/1995
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , a kind of multiple-unit man-power bicycle comprises four bar vehicle frames, and transmission device, component return device, one or more foot-operated (or handle) is characterized in that:

  • Said four bar vehicle frames are hinged by AB, BC, CD, AD four bars and spring antivibration device (6) and form, the curved fire of AB bar is upper arm vehicle frame (9), the curved fire of BC bar is perpendicular arm vehicle frame (5), the curved fire of AD bar is lower wall vehicle frame (8) and back underarm vehicle frame (8A), the CD bar is hinged by D point and underarm vehicle frame (8), be hinged with erecting arm vehicle frame (5) by the C point, spring antivibration device (6) upper end is hinged with upper arm vehicle frame (9) rear lower, and the lower end is hinged with back underarm vehicle frame (8A);

    Said transmission device, comprise at least one or more than one flexure member (or inflexibility member), one or more flexure member driving wheel driven (11), one or more conversion gears coaxial (11A) with above-mentioned driving wheel and by with above-mentioned conversion gear ingear overrunning clutch mechanism, pedaling of above-mentioned foot-operated (or handle) stepped on action (or push pull maneuver) convert to and unidirectionally rotatablely move continuously, pass through velocity adjustment apparatus then and convert wheel rolling movement forward to;

    Said component returns device, comprise a component transmission arm (7) chimeric with upper arm vehicle frame (9), has one or more tooth bar (7A) at least, and above-mentioned tooth bar ingear overrunning clutch mechanism and accumulator (18), above-mentioned tooth bar moved up and down to convert to unidirectionally rotatablely move continuously, and be stored in clockwork spring (the 7D '"'"') lining of accumulator (18), so close and discharge and stack is converted to the rolling movement forward of wheel;

    Said accumulator (18) is by returning bevel gear (7D), clockwork spring (7D '"'"'), and one-way clutch wheel (7CD) form, return bevel gear (7D) and drive and tighten clockwork spring (7D '"'"'), clockwork spring (7D '"'"') promotes one-way clutch wheel (7CD) and makes unidirectional continuous rotation and be superimposed on wheel to travel forward;

    Said foot-operated (or handle), it revolves the right of moving positioning unit (1B) is protruding long conical suface, the left side is a recessed garden awl, its recessed garden awl is done pressing solidly of the 360 any angles of degree with protruding garden, the end conical surface of the rolling arm of force (1A) with screw, its protruding long conical suface is done flexible pressing solidly with the long awl of the spill groove of the L type handle of foot-operated (1) by screw and is connected, and constitutes foot-operated (1) thus and can do the 360 any angles of degree and flexible up and down adjustable affixed with the rolling arm of force (1A).

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