Static-pressure controlled clutch

Static-pressure controlled clutch

  • CN 1,126,881 C
  • Filed: 04/05/1995
  • Issued: 11/05/2003
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/05/1995
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. static-pressure controlled clutch, in housing (01), be provided with by stator (02), several plungers (03), rotor (04), the plunger type hydrostatic pressure pump that the thrust plate (06) that floats is formed, this pump be positioned at the control valve (CV) on housing (01) end plate and the unsteady thrust plate (06) and the formation of the annular space between the floating side plate (08) oil hydraulic circuit of relief valve (RV) and housing (01);

  • Be provided with initiatively friction plate (09) and driven friction plate (10) in housing (01) opening one side, be connected with spline output shaft (05) with housing (01) respectively;

    When control shift fork (18), stir pin (17), drive that control spool (CV2) is in the valve body two diverse locations (A) and (B) time, the oil hydraulic circuit of pump is in respectively and is communicated with pressure-less state and cuts off the generation high-pressure state, be in when being communicated with position (A) throw-out-of clutch;

    When being in off-position (B), because of high-pressure liquid passes through the thrust plate (06) that floats, rotor (04) acts on driving and driven friction plate and makes clutch in conjunction with transmitting torque, and it is characterized in that;

    all hydraulic loop element that comprises control valve (CV) and relief valve (RV) all is installed in the clutch housing (01);

    Housing (01) is the power input element, and spline output shaft (05) is a power output element;

    No matter pump structure is plunger type, gear type or blade type hydrostatic pressure pump, all has unsteady thrust plate (06);

    Initiatively friction plate (09) and driven friction plate (10) can respectively be several piece;

    High pressure oil is by the thrust plate (06) that floats;

    And the annular space between the floating side plate (08) has amplified the impacting force between driving and driven friction plate.

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