Reverse flow spin-cleaning liquid filters

Reverse flow spin-cleaning liquid filters

  • CN 1,141,164 C
  • Filed: 12/15/1998
  • Issued: 03/10/2004
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/18/1997
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of liquid filtering device, in particular for that class I liquid I filter for installation in the water irrigation equipment, this liquid filtering device comprises:

  • -one cylindrical housings (11,12) that has inlet (16) and outlet (20);

    -one cylindrical filter parts (70) that are installed in the housing, so that in normal filtration operation, the water that flows to outlet (20) from inlet (16) enters filter component (70) and from outlet (20) discharge along radial direction, and clean in the cyclic process of flowing vice-versa ground at a reverse filter;

    -one structure that medially is installed in the cylindrical space that limits by filter component (70), this structure forms the supporting of filter component (70), so that filter component can freely be rotated;

    -one fixed part (36) at filter component (70) one axial side supporting filter parts (70);

    -one is installed to described structural cylinder-piston component (28), and this assembly comprises one usually at the movable part (60) of another axial side supporting filter parts (70) of filter component (70);

    -the check valve apparatus (90) that works, check valve apparatus (90) makes water flow to outlet (20) from the cylindrical space that is limited by filter component (70) in its first operating position, and makes water flow into described space from outlet (20) in its second operating position;

    -be used to make pressure fluid to enter the device of assembly (28), this device makes pressure fluid enter assembly (28), describedly freely rotates carrying out thereby make movable part (60) move apart fixed part (36);

    And-being used for producing the device of the jet of directive filter component in the mobile cyclic process of described reverse cleaning, jet is used for the filter rinsed parts;

    It is characterized in that be provided with a core components that forms (24), core components (24) comprising;

    (a) described fixed part (36);

    (b) depart from middle heart at least one tubular conduit (30a, 30b and 30c) that interior bus extends along filter component (70), tubular conduit is provided with a plurality of nozzles, and nozzle is used for cleaning the cyclic process of flowing in described inverse filter and sprays described jet along the direction of filter component (70);

    (c) chamber (40) of the cylinder of the piston (58) of a formation assembly (28), movable part (60a) is attached on the piston (58);

    (d) elongated tubular (26) that is communicated with chamber (40) and is communicated with the pressure fluid access to plant at its other end at the one end.

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