Sound attenuation assembly for air-cooling apparatus

Sound attenuation assembly for air-cooling apparatus

  • CN 1,151,504 A
  • Filed: 09/25/1996
  • Published: 06/11/1997
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/10/1995
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. a sound attenuation assembly that is used for forced-draft liquid-air cooling radiator cooler has a forced-draft device that has wind pushing mechanism;

  • An air inlet pipe that has air inlet;

    Heat transfer unit (HTU) and a device exhaust outlet that is positioned at the heat transfer unit (HTU) downstream pass said apparatus from the air-flow of above-mentioned air inlet and flow to exhaust outlet, and above-mentioned sound attenuation assembly has;

    The housing of a band wall;

    Above-mentioned wall has an inner face;

    An outside and limit an air chamber, an air admission hole and a venthole;

    The above-mentioned housing that can link said apparatus is used to make air-flow to pass above-mentioned air admission hole, and what above-mentioned venthole and above-mentioned air chamber led to the said flow mouth of pipe leads to atmosphere in the lump;

    A plurality of elongate cylindrical parts, each above-mentioned columnar member is to be made of the material with outer surface and longitudinal axis;

    At least above-mentioned elongate articles is arranged by delegation'"'"'s first above-mentioned elongate articles of row and delegation second, and first row and second arranges contiguous mutually and separated by a spacing distance;

    Each above-mentioned first row and second row above-mentioned elongate articles roughly aligned and also separately first and second row the adjacent elongated parts between a spacing of separating is being arranged;

    Be contained in the above-mentioned air chamber and above-mentioned first row and second row of above-mentioned longitudinal axis arranged, almost parallel be horizontally placed on the said flow direction of passing above-mentioned air chamber;

    Near above-mentioned air admission hole, another row among above-mentioned first and second elongate articles row is then near above-mentioned venthole one of among above-mentioned first and second elongate articles row;

    Above-mentioned arrangement is settled the above-mentioned separation pitch that one of makes among above-mentioned first row and second row roughly to align with another row'"'"'s elongate articles among above-mentioned first row and second row and is passed above-mentioned air chamber to the sight line the acoustic receiver to block from a sound source;

    The installation of above-mentioned elongate articles provide to come since imparts acoustic energy broadcast pass sound forward position that above-mentioned sound attenuation assembly reaches above-mentioned acoustic receiver and the outer surface of above-mentioned columnar member produce one before many obstacle effects of bump and the above-mentioned elongated material that combines with the above-mentioned obstacle effect effect that absorbs sound.Above-mentioned sound attenuation assembly one of can be contained in the exhaust outlet of the air inlet of above-mentioned cooling tower and above-mentioned cooling tower with admit with discharge said flow in air and being in operation reduce the relevant noise decibels of air that flows into cooling tower and discharge from cooling tower.

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