Vaneless steam turbine

Vaneless steam turbine

  • CN 1,153,864 A
  • Filed: 04/18/1996
  • Published: 07/09/1997
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/18/1996
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , Vaneless steam turbine, comprise stator, rotor, end cap, main shaft, bearing, air chamber, exhaust hood, bolt, foot rest and strong muscle sheet, the axle key stationary fit of main shaft and rotor, main shaft two ends and bearing are connected into movingly, two end cap is solid by the bolt spiral shell, it is characterized in that:

  • 1) stator is formed by the double-deck fit of inner casing, shell of band tapering, be the condensation hydroecium between the inside and outside shell, the condensation hydroecium is established intake-discharge pipe, inner casing is tapered tube shape, the axioversion angle of internal surface is 3~

    30 °

    , and the circumference of inner casing is axially arranged with admission opening and the exhaust hole that there is same intervals in equally distributed 6~

    20 roads, and its angle of distribution that radially separates is 4~

    30 °

    , the steam vent direction is identical and become 35~

    65 °

    of inclination eccentric angles with the radial center vertical line, becomes 90 °

    with longitudinal center line;

    Each exhaust hole and next stage admission opening join, and the admission opening and the air chamber in the 1st road join, and the exhaust hole and the exhaust hood of extreme trace join, and each is to establishing the steam vent lid on adjacent admission opening and the exhaust hole, and air chamber is established steam inlet, and exhaust hood is established steam-expelling port;

    2) rotor is the conical cylinder shape and is placed in the stator inner casing, rotor and stator are with tapering movingly, the axioversion angle of rotor circumference outer surface is identical with the tilt angle of stator inner casing internal surface, it is identical with stator steam vent road number to establish number on rotor axial, and radially spaced angle is 2~

    25 °

    a cylinder, radial direction in the cylinder is identical and consistent with stator steam vent direction, cylinder backward is 20~

    45 °

    towards backrake, preceding cylinder face diameter is 5~

    15 °

    to the oblique angle that retreats, and axial two sides becomes 90 °

    in the cylinder with shaft axis.

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