Remote control correction method for shipping magnetic compass self-heterodyne

Remote control correction method for shipping magnetic compass self-heterodyne

  • CN 1,163,727 C
  • Filed: 05/22/1999
  • Issued: 08/25/2004
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/22/1999
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1. , a kind of method of remote control correction shipping magnetic compass self-heterodyne is characterized in that comprising the steps:

  • (1), in advance under shipping magnetic compass self-heterodyne is no more than 5 °

    situation, measure the calibrated force size of each corrector on diverse location respectively, concrete grammar is;

    with magnetic force value preserving deflector sieve north is gone to respectively on the beam and longitudinal direction of ship under the big or small constant situation of maintenance directing force, each is vertically reached inclined to one side number of athwartships corrector, the athwartships corrector that vertically reaches of measuring each numbering respectively makes the northern maximum deflection angle that produces of sieve on variant position, and it is noted, with proofreading and correct the soft iron energy meter, constitute this ship magnetic compass adjustment power archives;

    (2), when needs are proofreaied and correct deviation of compass, provide the autodyne of magnetic compass on N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, eight courses of W, NW under the sailing trim by the ship, obtain A '"'"' λ

    H, B '"'"' λ

    H, C '"'"' λ

    H, D '"'"' λ

    H, five coefficient of deviation that deviating force produced of E '"'"' λ

    H respectively by corresponding coefficient of deviation formula in view of the above by the compass teacher, and wherein need to determine the coefficient of deviation proofreaied and correct routinely;

    (3), in this ship calibrated force archives, find out respectively that to eliminate the coefficient of deviation that need are proofreaied and correct be zero or specification, quantity and position and the direction of the corrector of remaining deviation coefficient minimum, and the relevant personnel are provided with corresponding corrector by this on the notice ship;

    (4), will need the coefficient of deviation of correction in the step (2) by the remaining deviation coefficient after corresponding corrector change calibrated force is partly eliminated in the step (3), the coefficient of deviation that remains with not proofreading and correct is as remaining deviation coefficient substitution autodyne formula, try to achieve the title autodyne on each course, be compiled into the magnetic compass table ship sailing and use.

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