Method and apparatus for dehumidifying air

Method and apparatus for dehumidifying air

  • CN 1,168,932 C
  • Filed: 01/27/1998
  • Issued: 09/29/2004
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/26/1998
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1. an air dehumidification method comprises the steps:

  • (I) the dehumidifying element of reversible adsorption air moisture is contacted with the air that needs dehumidifying, this element is arranged in the dehydrating unit housing;

    (II) will be discharged to the outside of described housing with the air that obtains dehumidifying after described dehumidifying element contacts;

    (III) after having adsorbed described airborne moisture, for the described dehumidifying element of regenerating, make described dehumidifying element contact the dehumidifying element of regenerating, thereby remove the moisture in the described dehumidifying element with adding hot-air;

    (IV) in step (I), reuse the dehumidifying element, utilize step (III) regeneration dehumidifying element;

    (V) in step (III), removed after the moisture on the dehumidifying element, cooling makes the air of dehumidifying element regeneration, thereby make moisture obtain condensation, from air, remove the water of generation, so that the dehumidifying element is regenerated, and collect the water that generates by condensate moisture and air is not leaked into leak out in the dehydrating unit or from dehydrating unit;

    With(VI) make the cooling in the step (V) make the air circulation of dehumidifying element regeneration to step (III), the water that generates when removing condensation thus;

    The described air of dehumidifying element regeneration that makes does not mix with the air of need dehumidifying or the air that has dehumidified substantially.

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