Electric pushing-aid bicycle

Electric pushing-aid bicycle

  • CN 1,172,052 A
  • Filed: 07/08/1997
  • Published: 02/04/1998
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/09/1996
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. an electric pushing-aid bicycle is provided with the 1st power-transmission system (56) and the 2nd power-transmission system (57), and wherein, the 1st power-transmission system (56) has the 1st free-wheel clutch (59), is arranged on crank shaft (33) and interlock, is connecting trailing wheel (W R) power transfer member (53) between, above-mentioned crank shaft (33) is rotatably freely supported on the housing (45) that is supported on the vehicle frame (21), simultaneously at both ends has crank pedal (32) respectively;

  • The 2nd power-transmission system (57) has the 2nd free-wheel clutch (80), is arranged between the electric pushing-aid motor (30) and above-mentioned power transfer member (59) that is fixedly installed on the above-mentioned housing (45), it is characterized in that;

    The action of electric pushing-aid motor (30) is with rotary speed detecting device (S R) detected value and torque detecting apparatus (S T) detected value be the basis by controller (37) control, wherein, rotary speed detecting device (S R) under the power boosting state that electric pushing-aid motor (30) produces, detect the rotative speed of representing bicycle speed;

    Torque detecting apparatus (S T) detect the input torque of crank pedal (32) and rotary speed detecting device (S R) comprising;

    the sensor (88) that is arranged on the detected part (87) on the transmission component (73) and detects this detected part (87) rotative speed constitutes, wherein, transmission component (73) constitutes the part of the 2nd power-transmission system (57) between electric pushing-aid motor (30) and the 2nd free-wheel clutch (80).

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